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City to country cats?

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VillageCats Sun 09-Sep-18 08:05:52

Our two cats have always been outdoor cats in London. We lived in a terraced house and they would have had to jump about 40 fences to come to a road as we never let them out the front. I honestly don't think they ever went more than a few gardens away. Now we've moved to a fairly rural village and I'm nervous to let them out but they are desperate to get out. There will be no avoiding roads here unless they literally stay in our garden or next door. What do people think?

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Want2beme Sun 09-Sep-18 08:16:11

I had 2 London cats and then moved them to a small village. They were absolutely fine and had great adventures. I was more watchful over one of them as he wasn't the brightest. I agree that roads are always a worry though. I think a lot of it is just down to how much you let them go out and luck. My current cats are a mixture of outdoor and mostly indoor and so far, all is well.

firehousedog1 Sun 09-Sep-18 08:18:32

Let them roam and explore their surroundings. They will be fine smile

Dollymixture22 Sun 09-Sep-18 08:21:01

Traffic will be faster in the country. I would let them out during daylight only. So hard I know but if they are used to being outside they will not be happy being kept indoors.

Beamur Sun 09-Sep-18 08:21:15

Let them out. They're used to going out, so being kept indoors must be frustrating for them.
Cats are smart, but if they are totally unfamiliar with roads there is a possibility they will get it wrong. But it's either that or keep them in.

BunnyCarr Sun 09-Sep-18 08:21:48

They went a lot further than you realise in London. Cats roam many kms wide.

Leave them out.
They'll be miserable if you hold them hostage indoors.

serbska Sun 09-Sep-18 09:24:09

They went a lot further than you realise in London. Cats roam many kms wide

Not all cats, especially if neutered.

Mine always comes home if I call and is never more than about 6 gardens away (terraces) as you can hear the thumping as he climbs back home!

viccat Sun 09-Sep-18 17:30:00

Are you able to catproof your garden at all, so that they can only go to your garden? Otherwise definitely keep them in dusk til dawn and only allow outdoor access in daylight.

Sometimes rural roads that seem quieter can be more dangerous for cats - a steady stream of fairly slow moving traffic on London roads is more of a deterrent for them to go near.

VillageCats Sun 09-Sep-18 17:44:48

So far they've been in for 4 days. The vet wanted us to keep them in for two weeks so they didn't get lost but they are going batty. I think we might make it to one week. I can't really cat proof as this is a short term rental while we find somewhere to buy. I wish I could send them to cat traffic school. I love the furry little beasts.

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MrsCatE Sun 09-Sep-18 21:41:19

Have you got bells on collars? You won't be very popular if they start killing local wildlife!

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