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New Kittens - advice!

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Dollymixture22 Fri 07-Sep-18 20:21:54

Tunnels are a big hit. And ping pong balls. And a small teddy. My kitten carries her teddy in her mouth! Very cute.

I feed my kitten lily’s Kitchen wet and dry. And a saucer of cat milk.

hartof Fri 07-Sep-18 12:32:37

Pom pom balls (like the craft ones) are popular with our kitten. He will chase them for ages, runs round with them in his mouth like a dog!

dementedpixie Fri 07-Sep-18 11:50:39

Mine love shoe boxes for sleeping in. A cat tree can be handy especially if it incorporates scratching posts. Look for food with meat ad the first ingredient rather than cereals. I use a mix of wet and dry food

ItsTheKissing Fri 07-Sep-18 11:47:01

Two girls,10 and 12 weeks (not related).
I know what food they are currently on, just wondering what is the best/healthiest if I were to gradually switch over? We have a really good vets down the road. Someone else has recommended ping pong balls to me so I have bought plenty!

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ifonly4 Fri 07-Sep-18 10:41:43

I'd say pop into a couple of vets and get a feel for the set up. Do they look clean, are the receptionist pleasant etc. With regard to food and cat little, check out what they're already on and continue with that until they have settled.

I've just got two older ones - they're favourite toys are actually shoe laces and ping pong balls - they chase around for ages and I keep have to hunt all nine of them down.

I've just got five month old kittens. We restricted them to the study and hall for a day and have opened up the rest of the house to them, when one of us is there. They are such live wires, constantly running around, getting on worktops - I've got one the other side of the table at the moment pulling the table cloth.

What age are they? Boys, girls,one of each?

ItsTheKissing Thu 06-Sep-18 22:52:48

We are collecting our kittens in two weeks (very excited) and am looking for some advice. I've had cats for years (last ones died aged 18 & 19) a couple of years ago - realise I've not had kittens in years. We have done lots of research around this but am now looking for wise words regarding food, going out, toys, vets, insurance etc etc. Any wise words appreciated and will of course post pics when they arrive 😁

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