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Name Our Kitten

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DBN1 Wed 05-Sep-18 14:11:33

We've taken in this little Kittie from the streets. He's a bit poorly but the vet is sorting him out.
Can you think of a good name for him? We already have a Fifi, Pembis, Marmaduke and Milky, I'm just out of ideas for this little man.

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Bettysnoop Wed 05-Sep-18 14:13:13

Binky is a cute pet name : )

Hope everything goes well thanks

Aprilshowersnowastorm Wed 05-Sep-18 14:17:17

We had one just like that called Henry. Originally belonged to a neighbour who had shipped him to his new home next door via motorbike - in a bag on the handlebars!!
Had to sneak him in my bedroom window at night as dm's bf didn't like cats.
Kept the cat and dm ditched the bf!!

Impulsesealer Wed 05-Sep-18 14:18:21

Looks like a Nigel to me

DBN1 Wed 05-Sep-18 14:52:35

Aprilshowersnowastorm Oh I'd have done the same too! grin

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Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 06-Sep-18 18:46:19

How about Lucky. He's lucky you found him and vice versa.
He's a little beauty.

AhHaaa Thu 06-Sep-18 18:47:50


Touchnotthiscat Thu 06-Sep-18 18:50:26


CarefullyDrawnMap Thu 06-Sep-18 18:55:05

Chip, because he's a bit the shape and colour of a chip, that you might find on the street


Moth, because the shape on his head looks a bit moth-like

Longdistance Thu 06-Sep-18 18:56:08

Tigertail? For the pattern on his tail.
Pixie for the ears that stand out with his markings.

TeenagersandFurbabies Thu 06-Sep-18 19:00:20


mimibunz Thu 06-Sep-18 19:04:43

Monty is a great name.

starbrightlight Thu 06-Sep-18 19:06:01

That adorable cat looks like a Willow to me.

ScreamingValenta Thu 06-Sep-18 19:07:21


RockinHippy Thu 06-Sep-18 19:19:50

Butterfly, flutterby, Moth or Mothy as he has one on his head 😊

DBN1 Sun 16-Sep-18 05:48:04

Thanks for the suggestions, we called him Leo in the end.
Unfortunately he was diagnosed with FIP soon after I posted. He's being cared for at the vet's, should find out tomorrow what his future holds sad

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FurryDice Sun 16-Sep-18 06:12:43

Oh, poor little baby. And he’s so sweet

DBN1 Sun 16-Sep-18 06:17:33

FurryDice he's adorable and it's heartbreaking to think that he only has a very short time left. I'm just glad we found him, he's known love and care which he wouldnt have if he'd stayed on the street. Well, he wouldn't still be here if that was the case. He went downhill in one day- skinny as a rake because he didnt eat or drink anything. Hes had IV fluids, is hand fed and having serum daily too but doesnt seem to be picking up at all so I think its kinder to let him go. Unless there's the slightest chance that he'll be one of the lucky ones. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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FurryDice Sun 16-Sep-18 06:44:51

I didn’t want to say it explicitly but FIP is generally not treatable. I too am so glad you found him and he knew some love.

So sad.

FurryDice Sun 16-Sep-18 06:45:59


And [dreamies]

DBN1 Sun 16-Sep-18 21:11:09

Thank you so much FurryDice, I'm going to ask the vet tomorrow if its possible for me to administer the serum and other medicines at home. If it is, and he thinks its worth carrying on for a while, then that's what I'll do. Get as much TLC in as I can for the little mite in the time he's got left sad

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FurryDice Sun 16-Sep-18 23:38:16

Ah, bless him. He’s lucky to have found you. All paws crossed for the little mite.

DBN1 Mon 17-Sep-18 06:37:49


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Ski37 Mon 17-Sep-18 16:55:58

If the flowers mean what I think they do I’m so sorry. You are lovelyto have taken him in and cared for him x

DBN1 Mon 17-Sep-18 18:16:52

Oh no Ski37, they were a thank you to Furry. I went to see Leo at the vets today and although he's looking teven skinnier (I didn't think that that was possible!) the vet said that Leo had eaten a bit of food for the first time. He'll keep me posted of any other changes.

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