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I know they're all crap, but - OTC flea treatments?

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Shmithecat Sat 01-Sep-18 22:21:09

What's the best of the worst? Our vet has no treatments available, so I need to buy some to take back to Saudi with me...

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thecatneuterer Sat 01-Sep-18 22:34:13

You can buy Advantage online, in chemists and in Pets at Home. It has to be sold by a trained person so not exactly OTC but you don't need a prescription. It's the only one that works.

HardAsSnails Sat 01-Sep-18 22:37:32

I always use Advantage as it's much cheaper than vet prescribed ones and does the job. It is the only non-prescription one which works.

Shmithecat Sat 01-Sep-18 22:41:24

Brilliant, thanks so much 😊

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