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Is this petting aggression?

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KateMcD451 Tue 28-Aug-18 18:34:28

Not sure if this should be in Litter Tray or Pets (honestly don't know the difference)

My brother's cat (a 3 year old male tabby) is the most placid and living of any car I've known. He comes to me all excited when he sees me, even paws madly at the glass door to get to me when I visit but then every so often, out of the blue he will just bite me.

Yesterday he was snuggled on my lap and I was stroking him (little purring motor was going) and then he just bit. I had a hoodie on so didn't feel a thing but it wasn't a nip he opened his mouth wide and tried to sink into my arm.

I Googled it and all searches point to "petting aggression" but there are times I'm not even touching him. Once he was just lying on his back near me with his tummy up and as soon as I stopped petting him he moved quickly and went for my arm. confused

I love him to bits but this makes me on edge, it's not everytime I visit but enough for me to be slightly concerned, I don't want to be causing him stress if that is what I am doing? Help!

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KateMcD451 Tue 28-Aug-18 18:35:17

Loving of any cat I've known* sorry fat fingers and a small phone blush

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Icequeen01 Tue 28-Aug-18 22:27:02

Yup totally normal.

I've got one that does this and he's 6 now. He will bite me on the arm when I'm fast asleep and it's either for attention or food. When I'm stroking him he will appear to be very relaxed and enjoying it but then suddenly he will bite me really hard and run away. It's as though he has sensory overload. I just think he gets over sensitised. I have sworn at him on many occasions for doing this 😀

Ski37 Wed 29-Aug-18 02:33:23

My cat does this but it ( seems to be) becoming less frequent. As Icequeen1 said it’s usually when he he wakes me up and wants attention. Or food. He will wake me up/ head bump me/ lie on top of me until I stroke him, he will then lie purring like a machine until I stop at which point he will nudge my hand until I start stroking him again. On most occasions he will then remove himself when he has had enough but occasionally it just seems to get the better of him and he bites me- hard! I think it must be sensory overload. He looks extremely shocked when he has done this and runs away to hide before I have time to react- I usually find him curled up in his bed on the landing. There are no obvious warning signs when he is about to bite but his little face is such a picture of horror when he realises what he has done that I struggle to be cross (although I do have a few choice swear words!) He hasn’t done it for a while so maybe we are over the worst....... or maybe I’ve just jinxed myself and my next post will be about how my cat just bit me again 😺

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