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Cat Poo Problem

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 27-Aug-18 21:09:57

You can either dig a border over a bit or try ultra clumping litter in her tray.

HoleyCoMoley Mon 27-Aug-18 20:58:02

Good that she doesn't poop in other people's gardens. Can you dig a border, without any grass, just have some earth and put a tray nearby, see if she'll use either of those.

BaconAndAvocado Mon 27-Aug-18 20:54:09

Our lovely cat, ( 9yo female from the rescue centre, deaf) won't poo in anyone else's garden!

As our garden doesn't have any earth in it, she digs up the grass to poo on it.

I recently put out a litter tray which she used to use indoors but she doesn't seem that keen on it.

Any ideas to lure her towards the litter tray and away from the grass?

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