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Going from 2 cats to this madness?

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toomuchhappyland Mon 27-Aug-18 09:04:13

We currently have two cats, both rescue moggies, both neutered. One is 5, very placid, lazy, longhaired tabby male who we adopted age 2. He’s hardly home as he is a true 6 dinner Sid and visits all our neighbours regularly. The other is 2, a feisty tortie female who we’ve had since 8 weeks. She is very loving and home a lot, although she is an enthusiastic mouse murderer. The two cats get on, in that they ignore each other really. The DCs are desperate to get two kittens - rescue centre is full to bursting - and I admit I’d love to as well. But is it going to be too many cats who won’t get on? We’d obviously keep them apart at first and do very gradual introductions etc and use Feliway, but is this an unrealistic idea? anything else I need to consider (other than increased costs of insurance, vets etc?)

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Phwooooar Mon 27-Aug-18 10:43:33

We are doing exactly that! I don’t see it as madness...that would be 5 cats grin. We have a Maine Coon and Bengal and will be getting 2 Savannah’s. We have a large house, cats are chilled, will introduce slowly and take it from there!

toomuchhappyland Mon 27-Aug-18 12:30:36

Haha, yes, 5 is surely the number for madness!

I’m not worried about cat1 as he’s so chilled, and tbh is hardly ever here anyway - if we get a royal visit once a week or so we’re doing well (I know he’s fine as I see him outside all the time, he just doesn’t like coming home much!) It’s cat2 who might be an issue. She’s only young but she is feisty and I’m not sure she’ll like sharing her domain with two kittens...

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9GreenBottles Mon 27-Aug-18 12:39:58

We have 5. We are doomed! But in my defence, it wasn't planned, it just sort of happened.

You can't tell if it will be ok or not till you've done it. Some cats are ok with others, some will tolerate (ignore), and some will go to full scale battle stations.

Extra litter trays, ideally in different rooms should be on your list.

Good luck 😀

A0001 Mon 27-Aug-18 17:02:25

I’m fucked then. We have 7 🤣🤣🤣

AnneElliott Mon 27-Aug-18 17:11:14

We have four. The two kittens (they're now 4) belong to DS as the older two are mine.

The older ones hated them at first but now ignore them. But dinner time is manic and there's often a fight to get in DS' bed.

Phwooooar Tue 28-Aug-18 00:04:16

A0001 7??!! Blimey! That has definitely crossed the line to utter madness. smile

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