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Is this normal kitty behaviour?

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Sharingtheload Fri 24-Aug-18 17:01:46

We have a rescue cat who is neutered. Every couple of days he does this sort of pawing and kneading ritual on us and he twitches and sorts of... humps. It seems like he wants to sit on your lap but if you go to touch him he gets freaked out. Often we have to stop it as he has his claws out and it can get quite painful.
Is it a sexual thing? Or is he asking for something?

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askingquestionsisok Fri 24-Aug-18 17:03:27

I think cats claw and knead because that what they do when they are nipple feeding- they push on their mum to get milk out?!

soloula Fri 24-Aug-18 17:05:40

Yeah my cat does this (She's 7). She does it more on really fluffy things, like fleece blankets. She purrs really loudly when she does it too. It's lovely.

Sharingtheload Fri 24-Aug-18 17:07:02

There isn't purring though which is the odd thing. He looks very wide eyed and almost scared!

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GoodHeavensNoImAChicken Fri 24-Aug-18 17:10:51

Look up kitten treading online. All of our cats have done this and all do it differently

Dollymixture22 Fri 24-Aug-18 17:34:59

My kitten does this. I looked it up and it’s a comforting thing. Mine suck the blanket while she is doing it.

I remember my adult cat doing this as well. Nothing to worry about.

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