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iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 16:55:48

We have a kitten, she hasn’t been outside yet but I have picked her up today to find about 5 fleas under her! I’m now worrying about an infestation.. We are a bit late with the flea treatment as we forgot and I didn’t think it was that much of a problem since she wasnt out yet.

Best flea advice please?! I have no idea how she even got them!

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dementedpixie Mon 20-Aug-18 16:59:24

I'd get a vet flea treatment. You can bring fleas in with you or if you've had animals in the past then the eggs can lay dormant for months

iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 17:02:44

She has a vet treatment that I have given her today or do you mean for the house?

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Lynne1Cat Mon 20-Aug-18 17:05:04

Treat the cat, and you need to treat the house as well. Indorex is good (from the vet). You need to do all carpets, skirtings, cat bed, settees/anywhere that the cat goes or where any previous cat or dog has been

dementedpixie Mon 20-Aug-18 17:05:54

I meant for her. If you think the house is infested then indorex spray is supposed to be good. What did the vet give you?

iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 17:06:59

Oh god I am going to be pulling out sofas and stuff all night arent I! Nightmare. Thanks for the advice, sending DH out for indorex from pets at home now

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Aprilshowersinaugust Mon 20-Aug-18 17:07:56

For tonight fill lots of shallow bowls with hot water and Fairy.
Fleas love a hot soak!!
Nit comb dkitten over a sink of water is good also!

iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 17:08:33

Vet gave us advocate

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iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 17:09:04

Will do the hot bowls when kids are in bed

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bobstersmum Mon 20-Aug-18 17:10:48

The best thing you can do once you've treated the cat is hoover every single day, more than once if you can, especially in nooks and crannies! If still worried, indorex is fab.

iamiam Mon 20-Aug-18 18:49:37

So.. update... my hoover just broke sadangry

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bobstersmum Mon 20-Aug-18 19:46:35

Oh no!

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