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Stealth food thief

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Dancingfairydreams Sun 19-Aug-18 20:41:31

It would appear my cat has made friends with a local cat, they play together in the garden chasing each other around (no hissing etc) friend cat has been coming in to share my cats food - she just sits there & watches friend cat!! This was amussing at first but friend cat is now coming in nearly everyday!

Any suggestions on how to stop this? I can't really remove the food as my cat is a grazer & will leave food, pretend bury it, then come back to it a little later.

We like having the doors open & don't have a cat flap yet.

Friend cat is obviously not a stray as it's huge!! It's super fluffy & in really good condition. So I feel she's/he's just being a food theif!

My cat couldn't care less...obviously...

I'll ask the neighbours if they know where friend cat lives but any other thoughts??

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9GreenBottles Sun 19-Aug-18 20:43:01

Microchip cat feeder. Expensive but a solution.

Dollymixture22 Sun 19-Aug-18 20:49:22

Microchip cat flap for winter - up up with it until then? Your doors and windows won’t be open in October and only your little one will get in the house

mimibunz Sun 19-Aug-18 20:52:50

I agree about getting a microchip cat flap. We have this problem too. A neighbor’s cat comes over day to play and hang out, and steal food. The Bunz complains to me but won’t do anything about it himself!

Dancingfairydreams Sun 19-Aug-18 21:23:48

I'll look into the microchip feeder, Thanks All. For now I shall just except the scamp coming for its tea daily 😂😂

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