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Happy Black Cats Appreciation day!

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Beaverhausen Fri 17-Aug-18 07:34:11

I have 8 panthers of my own and have always loved black cats they are gorgeous.

Here is just a few of them.

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 17-Aug-18 08:19:13

My gorgeous black Snorg, and much missed Fatty

LemonRedwood Fri 17-Aug-18 08:35:03

The fabulous Kiwi, so-named because he's an All Black. Yes, it's clever; no, he's not named after a fruit!

(Lives with my sister but he will forever be my baby.)

Plus a special nod to NotMyCat (that is my sink though).

Allergictoironing Fri 17-Aug-18 09:16:18

My pair of panthers, both black smoke. One elegant Empress, haughty and demanding. One special needs Boycat, trying to pretend he a) has more than 2 brain cells, b) he isn't about to fall off because he's so clumsy and c) he isn't terrified of any living thing that isn't his sister, me, or a moth (prey).

WaxOnFeckOff Fri 17-Aug-18 09:18:52

Lucy. Black cats rule.

MooominMamma Fri 17-Aug-18 09:33:25

This is Luna, formerly Kiwi when we adopted her, and affectionately known as Baboony (Loony Baboony). I loves her.

SadieHH Fri 17-Aug-18 09:33:39

How do you tell the difference? I love black cats but have been ruling out two all black ones for reasons of parental servant confusion.

WaxOnFeckOff Fri 17-Aug-18 09:39:32

I've had two all black cats before. They tend to have different texture coats or different builds and definitely different personalities, it was never that hard to tell them apart.

scrawnybutscrumptious Fri 17-Aug-18 09:41:35

I appreciate my furry 11 week old kitties so much today. Feeling particularly fortunate that the little girl is still with us. Yesterday she refused to eat, was bringing up phlegm and lethargic. A visit to vet and x-ray showed a blockage. An operation removed part of a rubber sole of a shoe. If I had waited to take her to vet, I dread to think what would have happened. Hadn't got around to taking out insurance yet and the whole drama cost £850! I appreciate my little black kitty and I'm just glad she's here

Wineandchoccy Fri 17-Aug-18 09:44:42

My gorgeous Lilly we have had this crazy lady since May she is daft as a brush. We sadly lost our old cat in January due to being run over and I fell in love with Lilly at a rescue centre she had been in for 3 months with no interest they think because she is a black cat.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 17-Aug-18 10:33:36

Our three black cats - it can be a bit tricky to tell the two sibling youngsters apart.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Fri 17-Aug-18 10:39:32

And a kitten pic from when we got them earlier this year at about 10 weeks.

TheLongRider Fri 17-Aug-18 11:12:34

Doing a bit of "mogspreading"!

Allergictoironing Fri 17-Aug-18 11:57:20

Despite being siblings, mine are reasonable to tell them apart. Boycat is a fair bit bigger (6kg vs 4.8kg), he has a longer tail, and a differently shaped and heavier head which I gather is common with toms who are neutered later (he was done at about a year). Girlcat also has very faint charcoal tabby stripes on her head and legs, and rings on her tail, but those are really hard to see if the light isn't perfect.

But it's the behaviour that really separates them. She moved around in a very brisk & purposeful manner, he tends to slouch & saunter. She likes the back of the sofa, he likes the seat. She likes the top perch on the tree, he's never dared climb that high. She is quite bold, he's terrified of most things. He wants cuddles, she just wants attention (e.g. looking at HER instead of my PC, the TV etc) but less physical contact.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 17-Aug-18 11:59:57

Jemima on my pillow

Fatjilly Fri 17-Aug-18 12:30:40

My beautiful boy. He was a tiny kitten left outside in a car park all day/night (the ‘owner’ apparently didn’t want him and was going to throw him in the canal!) Luckily he started following my then 3 yo son home so we kept him and he is without a doubt the sweetest, most gentle, loving little cat I’ve ever met. He’s 12 now and has chosen to become an indoor cat.

Beaverhausen Fri 17-Aug-18 12:56:37

Oh my gosh they are all so gorgeous.

I can generally tell them apart by their faces and meows plusbtheyball have different types of collars on lol.

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KittiesInsane Fri 17-Aug-18 12:59:13

Ooh -timely! We've just applied to adopt one who's been in a rehoming centre for nearly a year (haven't told current kitty yet. I think she might be rather flouncy at the plan).

DavetheCat2001 Fri 17-Aug-18 14:46:04

Dave (RIP)

TerfsUp Fri 17-Aug-18 14:50:33

TerfCat, who is all black, would like to thank The World for creating a special appreciation day just for him.

*The fabulous Kiwi, so-named because he's an All Black

I love that.

And happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to all black kitties! (Just don't tell mine I said that.)

IDontIdentifyAsAWomanIAmAWoman Fri 17-Aug-18 14:55:08

The beautiful Gretel as a baby smile

KittiesInsane Fri 17-Aug-18 15:57:56

Any suggestions for a rename for prospective black cat currently called Saskia, which is too close to a family name?

DD tells me that you aren't supposed to use S names for cats as they dislike being hissed at (apologies to my childhood Sooty and Sammy).

Ollivander84 Fri 17-Aug-18 16:07:14

Mr Ollivander loving on me grin

fluffypudcats Fri 17-Aug-18 16:57:10

My two. It's even easier to tell them apart now: 7 legs and 1 tail between them grin He's manx, she had her toe then leg amputated last month because of cancer. They're both squished on me right now (desperate for the loo and a cuppa but I can't possibly disturb them, no?!)

SecretWitch Fri 17-Aug-18 17:02:18

All these lovely black kitties...May I present Magick? He is a complete snuggle bunny and my love..

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