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First night with new kitten!

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sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 01:12:03

I've been on Mumsnet over the past eight years under various pseudonyms but have mainly lurked since the Jeffrey incident of...2015? Was it 2015?

I made a new account tonight solely for the purposes of my new fluffy baby so I can pick your brains and generally sqeeeeee

She's my very first cat. We had cats when I was a child, but she's my first one that I've had to tend to and insure and feed all by my grown-up self. When I picked her up and she was mine I just sobbed uncontrollably. I've lived in shared houses and rented studios, but now I have a secure place to live that is mine- I was finally in the position to get here.

As soon as we let her out of the cat carrier- she bolted under the kitchen cabinets sadDP wrenched the plinths off and then we blocked the hole that she slipped through. I know she needy a hiding place but I was just worried that behind the pipes wasn't safe! So then she moved under the sofa for an hour, but then started galavanting around miaowing at the top of her lungs. She got a bit braver and would be able to stand still without bolting if we walked by, so I picked her up and nuzzled her and then she was asleep in the curve of my waist, purring.

Oh, the purring! She hasn't stopped.

A few questions- she has missed her litter tray a couple of times, as in, squatted inside but shat over the edge. Normal? How should I deal with that?

- she's also back in our bed, snoozing between us. Am I going to get any sleep tonight or will I just be panicking that I'm going to crush her? I keep waking to check that she's ok. I did set up lots of boxes with blankets but she is not interested.

- is it normal for a cat to purr constantly? She just sits, watching us, purring. And occasionally tries to destroy DP's backpack.

I can't post a picture because I'm new! Boooooo!

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sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 07:11:09

She cuddled up on my side and slept so well. Leapt for a poo and wander, but was there every time I woke up.

She's just picking at her food though so I'll try her on a different sort today.

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ChipsnCurrySaucemmm Fri 17-Aug-18 09:07:52

Sounds lovely! My new kitten purred constantly for a few weeks! Enjoy your kitten cuddles

thecatneuterer Fri 17-Aug-18 09:13:39

She sounds lovely. Congratulations! How old is she? It's normal for a very happy cat that has just realised she has a lovely home to purr constantlysmile

If she shits over the side of the litter tray you may need a higher sided one, or one with a lid (but if it has a flap that that off - at least to start with).

SadieHH Fri 17-Aug-18 09:21:55

No help but watching with interest as I'll be in the same position in about three weeks. Hyper excited and shit scared all at the same time!

Happy kitten cuddles 🐈

cheesefield Fri 17-Aug-18 09:23:29


viccat Fri 17-Aug-18 09:32:17

This is why it's generally better to get two kittens at a time - they are such a comfort to each other, and later playmates. How old is she?

Cats purr for other reasons than happiness - often to comfort themselves when they are distressed or in pain. So don't automatically assume purring means happiness...

Do you live in a house? It might be better for her to limit her to one room initially so she can get her bearings. Be very careful with windows and doors to prevent falls and escapes.

Toddlerteaplease Fri 17-Aug-18 09:40:16

Don't m SS around too much with the food. She may not be eating as she's scared. Pictures are compulsory on the litter tray.

Cakemonger Fri 17-Aug-18 09:44:02

sailorvenus That's so adorable. It's amazing how quickly they make themselves at home isn't it

junecat Fri 17-Aug-18 10:38:22

I got my boy when he was about six months old. He spent the first day and night hiding (we found him under the bath) then he spent a few days being as close as he possibly could be to me purring constantly.

As viccat said I think they purr to comfort themselves when they are feeling stressed / unsure / unwell etc.

The second week he found his feet and became a normal kitten, charging round, ambushing us, biting ankles and feet etc. He only cuddled when he was worn out and then purred until he fell asleep.

He's one now and pretty much the same except less playing and more sleeping smile

I also had accidents over the side of the tray and got bigger, deeper ones and he sorted himself out. I tried covered ones but he didn't like them. It's a bit trial and error until you find what works for yours.

I made a mistake with his food, he wasn't eating very well and had an upset stomach for the first couple of weeks so I kept trying him with different ones to tempt him. Someone with more experience said it was normal behaviour when settling in and to keep changing his food would be contributing to his upset tummy so I picked a good quality grain free one and stuck with it and he was eating fine and his tummy improved within a few days.

Enjoy your kitten smile

sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 10:41:25

@viccat I'm in a ground floor flat, which we've kitten proofed. I've originally tried her in one room but she was miaowing and wanted to explore. She's moving between under the sofa to under the bed and seems quite relaxed. None of her hairs are standing up and her tail is curved around her body. I'm trying to give her space, whilst she gets used to things. She comes and miaows at me and will play with me, but retreats back to her hiding place.

Re: the purring- is there any way to tell if it is positive or negative? I know hairs standing up, tail straight at an odd angle is bad, but anything else? Thank you for your help!

@Toddlerteaplease She is drinking and eating more today smile

Thank you for the kitten well wishes! Can't post a photo yet because it's a new account.

She is a very pretty girl, heart shaped face- green eyes with black mask and mantle markings.

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sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 10:43:29

@junecat Thank you for your advice- I won't mess with her food, I'll just stick to what we've got. Maybe a little bit of plain chicken too!

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junecat Fri 17-Aug-18 10:49:14

Mine loves a bit of boiled chicken breast smile

She sounds gorgeous!

thecatneuterer Fri 17-Aug-18 11:27:31

how old is she?

sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 11:38:33

@thecatneuterer 9 weeks.

I am being followed around and chirped at now. Whilst she was out of her favourite hiding hole I put some more blankets down there to make it cosy for her.

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LexieLulu Fri 17-Aug-18 12:08:51

I got two kittens last week, they were 12weeks as the owner was allergic. They honestly make me so ridiculously happy.

We have two dogs, but it's all going fine. Only thing is my cats are pretty much living upstairs and dogs downstairs. Nothing stopping any of them going up or down really. When the dogs come up the cats don't run away.

What have you named your furbaby? X

sailorvenus Fri 17-Aug-18 12:25:27

Dogs and cats, you are lucky @LexieLulu. I'm pleased your kitties are bringing you so much joy!

I don't want to type her name as it's a truly odd surnamey name and I don't want to out myself as I know things can come up in google search! Sorry I can't share but after my login was leaked on here a few years ago I am remaining vigilant. She is too pretty for her name, but it works grin

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Normaknowall Fri 17-Aug-18 17:36:56

Congratulations on your baby!
Check up high too - they climb things and get stuck above the kitchen cabinets and even balanced on the kitchen door....
They can hide behind books on a shelf. We searched for hours.
Litter tray - move it slightly to cover the place that gets pooped. It could be she's choosing a e one she's used to I support a different size? in the tray where she feels safe because she can see more? Or th

sailorvenus Sun 19-Aug-18 10:33:53

Thank you @Normaknowall

She's eating like a little bird, but her appetite is increasing each day. She hasn't finished one pouch of food, about 60% of one, along with some dry. She seems to prefer dry food so I am going to buy some different pouches because I want her eating more wet. We've continued with what she was eating before, but is only eating when she feels like it. 

She isn't hiding any more! We had visitors in yesterday and she was very inquisitive and let them stroke and handle her. Her favourite sleeping spot is below DP's chair now as opposed to under the kitchen cabinets.

She sat on us all evening purring, napping and letting herself be stroked. She's starting to headbutt me for snuggles as well smile

According to @MNHQ I should be able to post now.... so here goes!

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Toddlerteaplease Sun 19-Aug-18 12:10:15

She's my very first cat. We had cats when I was a child, but she's my first one that I've had to tend to and insure and feed all by my grown-up self.

Weird feeling isn't it. The toddler girls were my first. Felt very strange taking them to the vets and being treated as their owner. And I'm 36!

concretesieve Sun 19-Aug-18 12:20:08

Oh - she's a sweetheart! Glad to see she's settling and gaining confidence.

sashh Sun 19-Aug-18 12:22:22

She is a real sweetie.

Mine sleeps in/on my bed, usually on me if I let her.

The missing the tray is fairly normal, put a puppy pad or paper under it with a few cms larger than the tray.

It sounds like she is settling so I wouldn't wonder about the purring, it was probably to calm herself on day one.

What toys have you got?

Normaknowall Sun 19-Aug-18 14:57:18

Aww, she's lovely.
Last post from me was a bit garbled.
Litter tray : sometimes they choose a spot where they can see more because they are vulnerable and want to be able to see anything coming. This might cause her wee bot to hang over the end. A higher lip or an old placemat popped in the side of the tray to make a higher back might help. Does she loudly tell you she's in there? We worried ours was in pain til vet said it was a kitten thing 'look mum, I'm doing it in the tray!' and they'd grow out of it, which they did. Did cause some entertaining loud happy conversational attempts with visitors above the merrrr-OWWW and the digging noises....
Agree the purring would be a mix of comfort and happy. As you tune into her noises maybe you'll hear purring with a higher tone mixed in, or intermittent tiny mew/mip is the 'I want some snuggle/reassurance/attention' and the single tone is contentment. My kittens have both done this, still do a bit in the grown up twotone purr!

sailorvenus Mon 20-Aug-18 10:58:43

Good to hear the missing the tray is normal.

Was really worried about her not eating enough wet food so tried another brand- the same as the dry food that she likes. She loved it and wolfed it down- face shoved right down in the bowl.

Unfortunately- she was sick this morning and had some runny poos. confused She seems herself though- lots of snuggles and snoozing soundly. Any suggestions? May it just be the change in food?

Vets on Wednesday morning- but any changes and I'll try and get an emergency appointment.

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LexieLulu Mon 20-Aug-18 11:54:32

My dogs get a runny bum every change of food, it settles after a few days.

I'd just bring it up on Wednesday x

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