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The magical food stairs.

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Flamingoose Sat 11-Aug-18 06:15:16

We feed our cat in the utility room. The utility room is up two little wooden stairs, near the bathroom. On a normal day, cat is fed in the morning and then left to his own devices all day while everyone is out at school / work. He is fed again at 5ish when everyone comes home.

On weekends we do all the laundry and housework for the week. This means we walk up the two magical food stairs every 10 minutes or so... and every SINGLE time anyone walks up the magical food stairs the cat must gallop from wherever he is and thunder into the utility room to loudly shriek his excitement that it is food time. Apparently having just been fed makes NO difference. Nearly killing the food providers by winding around ankles on the stairs is fine. Biting the legs of the rude humans who ascend the magical food stairs and don't feed him is also fine. Bloody cat.

YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 12-Aug-18 12:43:07

Awwwwwww!!!!!! Photo?

Lynne1Cat Sun 12-Aug-18 12:44:57

haha I can just picture it. My Mr Cooper (tabby cat) runs in from wherever he is, whenever he hears the microwave ping, or the scissors cutting anything.

Toddlerteaplease Sun 12-Aug-18 17:19:48

I couldn't ever open any plastic packet with out four enormous green eyes looking beseechingly at me!

WhenDoIGetToSleep Sun 12-Aug-18 20:06:08

Wow, I think my 2yr old DS may be a cat in disguise - whenever there's a plastic rattling in the kitchen... ZOOM!!! there he is 😁

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