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Can I stop my cat fighting?!

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FrowningFlamingo Sun 05-Aug-18 11:15:23

Moved house with CantCat in April.
He is a large, late neutered Tom adopted from Battersea.
We don't let him out from dusk onwards as he is at his most grumpy with other cats then.
At our old house he used to fight with other cats. He was always the bully, embarrassingly. He doesn't seem to fight them in terms of actually wounding them but will back them into a corner.
He had a small territory there and the fences were low so I could usually find him and liberate the other cat.
It's been bliss here for a few months as he has loads more space to roam and there were no other cats. However in the last couple of weeks he seems to have found one to fight. I've not seen it but can certainly hear it! I've gone out and called, rattled treats, set off his 'tile' on his collar (he usually comes running home with the noise!).
We play with him loads so I don't think he's bored.
Is there anything I can do or do I need to just let them work it out?

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FrowningFlamingo Sun 05-Aug-18 11:16:19

(Have posted on here before occasionally as CantChoose hence CantCat. FlamingoCat just sounds wrong grin)

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gamerchick Sun 05-Aug-18 11:19:16

I don't think you can't stop them being little gits aside from keeping them in or enclosed. We have a bully in the neighborhood and it rules with a rod of iron. I've watched it corner and damage a few cats, I feel quite sorry for the kitten that next door has started letting out.

MsHomeSlice Sun 05-Aug-18 11:26:01

i think you are doing your best tbh

Cats fall out and cause bother....I have been on both sides having two cats who were basically the feline equivalent of the Kray Twins, they'd take on all and sundry and it was about three years after the last one died that any other cat even attempted to encroach on "their manor"

Current idiotcat is really very affable but is now daggers drawn with a big ginger oaf up the road....only because the ginger oaf wants the WHOLE village as his and his alone. Idiotcat is not very good at fighting though and we have to provide canine back up for him which does crimp the bullyboy's attitude!

FrowningFlamingo Sun 05-Aug-18 11:34:38

Thank you both - good to think I'm not missing something obvious.
He'd be so miserable if I stopped him going outside.
He's such a lovely, loving boy with us - I just wish he would behave outside!!

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