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Recommend a lead and harness for Siamese?

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Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 21:05:57

I'm moving and will no longer have a garden. My Siamese never strayed frim the garden but did like the occasional wander round it. I'm wondering if it's worth getting him a harness and lead so he can sniff around if I take him out. I'm in two minds as to whether this is a good idea.

Has anyone done this and if so what harness would you recommend?

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BlueEyedBengal Fri 27-Jul-18 21:33:52

My Bengal is an indoor cat never wants to go outside after an adventure 2 yrs ago, but I was looking on amazon at Bengal harness and there is a selection there for £20 last time I looked. Bengals are a similar build to siamese from what I can gather and it says escape proof. Hope that helps yousmile

Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 21:37:19

Thanks I'll take a look. He's got a bit of weight on him for a Siamese and he's 9, but I think he'd like a bit of an adventure.

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YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 27-Jul-18 21:42:29

Have a look at Mynwood Cat Jackets. They're made to measure and come in loads of different colourways. Leroy's is personalised too blush.

Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 21:45:20

I love Leroy's jacket! smile

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YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 27-Jul-18 21:55:22

Washable too, I'm planning on getting him another one.

I use an extendable lead for small dogs with it, I think it's better than a fixed length lead. You need to realise that is absolutely nothing like walking a dog though - he walks you follow, he spends twenty minutes sniffing a bush you spend twenty minutes standing around trying to look as normal as possible grin. Leroy's walks are generally an hour long but quite often we don't actually go very far from the house at all, depends what mood he's in. Sometimes he likes to just sit on the front wall and watch the world go past (most of whom stop to give him some fuss).

Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 22:13:12

Thanks! I've never tried before but he's always keen to get out the front door and very excited about the big wide world, so I thought it would be a treat and keep his clever Siamese brain busy!

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 27-Jul-18 22:16:09

The toddler girls inherited some mynwood jackets. One was returned to its owner when she appears on Mumsnet. And Snorg somehow removed the other one and has lost it!

bellinisurge Fri 27-Jul-18 22:18:14

Mynwood jackets are ace.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 27-Jul-18 22:23:48

It is worth it just to see the first reaction! Ours would walk backwards at first to try to reverse out of it! Just do a couple of seconds at first and then build up. She now takes us for runs, obviously only where she wants to go though!

LuckyKitty13 Fri 27-Jul-18 22:32:25

Another vote for mynwood jackets! They are excellent, well fitting and lightweight. Very difficult to get out of should your cat panic.

YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 27-Jul-18 22:33:52

Mental stimulation is the main reason I take Leroy out to be honest. There's no way I'm sprinting around after him so he burns off his energy chasing ping pong balls and "Mousie" round the house.

Best thing you can do OP is put the harness on him and take him straight out so he associates the harness with going out. Obviously if the harness distresses him take it straight off though! Don't put the harness on for him to "get used to" without going out, he needs to associate it with fun and also the pleasure of going out will take the focus off the actual harness. Iyswim.

ScreamingValenta Fri 27-Jul-18 22:35:49

I'm just here in the hope of seeing more photos smile. Leroy's jacket is great.

Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 22:53:24

Thanks for the tips smile .. and yes more photos please!

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YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 27-Jul-18 23:02:13

More photos? Here's Leroy up a tree then 😁.

ScreamingValenta Fri 27-Jul-18 23:03:28

He's so majestic!

YesItsMeIDontCare Fri 27-Jul-18 23:34:49

Majestic? Sometimes 😂.

BlueEyedBengal Sat 28-Jul-18 00:03:00

Those were the ones I seen my Bengal is not a lightweight either 11 lbs I will try and get a photo up of him in th morning he does not like his photo take. I haven't tried them on him but looked because I was thinking of taking him in the garden for a sniff around I didn't trust him on his own as the cat before him was killed by a dog. He got out 2 yes ago and appeared outside on the window makings right Bengal riot. I will be buying one, I just think it my involve a few death rolls before we make progress smile

Itsmeaga1n Sat 28-Jul-18 01:47:18

What a beautiful boy! ❤ And a very apt name .. he looks like a Leroy smile

Blueeyed, I think I'll have to deal with a few death rolls too wink

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BlueEyedBengal Sat 28-Jul-18 10:04:23

This is Marblecake my Bengal photo as promised. I will be harness training him soon, luck needed!confused

ScreamingValenta Sat 28-Jul-18 10:22:15

That's a brilliant name for him. His coat is lovely!

Itsmeaga1n Sat 28-Jul-18 12:44:51

He's beautiful ❤

Here's a photo of my blue point Siamese.

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BlueEyedBengal Sat 28-Jul-18 14:58:41

He handsome I do love oriental type cats. So entertaining aren't they.

Itsmeaga1n Sat 28-Jul-18 15:06:55

Yes, I love them too, so different to other cats.

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Toddlerteaplease Sat 28-Jul-18 15:46:21

Very difficult to get out of should your cat panic

How on earth did the thickest cat in the country get out of hers, and where has she put it!!!!grin

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