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Smelly litter tray

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BubblesPip Wed 25-Jul-18 16:05:55

As some of you may have read...I have now claimed a kitten grin
One thing that is really bothering me is how smelly her litter tray is!! I’m hoping it’s just the heat that’s making it so unbearable.
I’m cleaning it out daily (the whole lot) which is turning out to be quite expensive!
She’s got a covered litter tray and I’m using clay clumping litter.
Any ideas for how to stop the stench?

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thecatneuterer Wed 25-Jul-18 16:11:16

I find clay litter stinks - always. Try wood pellets. They have no smell at all.

I know some people on here have other ideas, and someone even claims wood pellets smell - they really, really don't. And you can get a 30L bag which would last a couple of months if you just have one cat, for under £6.

bellinisurge Wed 25-Jul-18 16:13:52

Might be the food she's eating. Also, I wouldn't recommend clumping litter with a kitten. The doors have habit if eating litter and it clumps in their tum.

bellinisurge Wed 25-Jul-18 16:14:26

The what? I meant the dopes!

thecatneuterer Wed 25-Jul-18 16:15:47

Forgot to say the 30L bags of wood pellets are from Pets at Home

Pebblespony Wed 25-Jul-18 16:16:29

We use an odour reducing dry feed from Royal Canin. It's excellent, totally eliminates odours and the cat is healthy on it. Not sure what age you can give it to them though.

t3xa Wed 25-Jul-18 16:16:54

I use wood pellets and find that the trays don't smell, so as long as I remove her poo pretty quickly we're ok. Even in this heat, the tray she uses for wee only isn't being changed any more frequently

Pebblespony Wed 25-Jul-18 16:17:45

My cat won't use wood pellets. Difficult git. So maybe get a small sample first. We bought a huge bag.

Definitelydrowningthistime Wed 25-Jul-18 16:18:45

Yes to non clumping wood pellets from Pets at Home. Cost effective and really don't smell.

YouAndYourPussyCatEyes Wed 25-Jul-18 16:19:26

I feed my indoor girl on raw meat and grain free dry food. It really makes a difference to her poops. Always use wood litter too as the other stuff smells awful and gets walked around the house!

SilverPartyShoes Wed 25-Jul-18 16:24:26

Pets at home, have lots of types of litter, some are great. I dont think I ever liked the clay version. There was a blue one, with a white cat on the bag, and a pink version ?? But im sure there are better ones out there. Also covered litter tray with charcoal filters, you’ll be pleased you bought one. Be careful though, I always drop things on the litter try hoods and smash them, its so annoying :-D

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 25-Jul-18 16:31:59

My cat wont go in wood pellets either. I use wilko litter, lightweight non clumping.

Kittens are better with a non clumper while their young enough to think eating litter is a good idea. It swells in their stomach if they do.

I have yet to find a bad wilko litter.

Lauren83 Wed 25-Jul-18 16:50:10

Cats best litter is a really good one to help the smell, it's expensive but lasts ages, I know she won't be outside yet but if she starts going then consider an outdoor litter tray, after years of having indoor ones and sweeping up litter from 5 cats twice daily I got a huge outside one and they use that so there's no smell and no litter to sweep up inside

DaffodilPower Thu 26-Jul-18 10:40:14

Following this, as my two older cats trays are ponging - I bought the lidded trays but they won't go in with the lids on..!

Currently trying Tesco own brand litter, it doesn't follow them out of the tray as readily as Catsan. Considering giving wood pellets a try..!

HardAsSnails Thu 26-Jul-18 11:55:22

Worlds best litter here and it's very good. Just about to move to an uncovered tray as OldCat is struggling with the lidded on, so have ordered the lavender scented one to try...

beforeihit30 Fri 27-Jul-18 08:42:27

We have lidded ones (charcoal filtered, although only just found that out prompted by this thread!), quite large so not too cramped as we have long cats.

Our cats aren’t kittens (about 1.5yo), but we use a litter bought on Amazon from Tailmate, called America Litter (or something like that, the blue bag). It’s expensive but lasts us ages, and we get no odour problems even in this heat. We tried a few others but it would stink terribly. Our cats are happy with it too - that’s half the trouble though, if they don’t like it they won’t use it.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Fri 27-Jul-18 08:48:06

The food can make a huge difference. We tried our cat on loads when she was a kitten. She had the most horrible farts and the litter tray stunk. We changed to royal canin and have never looked back. It’s not the highest meat content etc but it is the one that agrees with her.
I like oko plus litter. It is biodegradable and really traps the smell. I scoop daily but only do a full change every week or so.

Vinorosso74 Fri 27-Jul-18 09:14:26

We also use Cats Best which keeps the odours down you just scoop out the lump of pee/poo. When I clean the cats out at CP the wood litter doesn't smell but the Catsan and clay litters. Poo isn't completely odourless but certainly stops any pee smells.

Autumnchill Fri 27-Jul-18 09:16:35

We use worlds best cat litter. It lasts about a month and cheapest place I've found it is Amazon. It clumps bug unlike clay doesn't stick to the tray. It's made clearing out the litter tray slightly more 'joyful' than previous!

busybear Fri 27-Jul-18 09:18:26

Best litter we've found is the sainsburys odour reducing non clumping. It's white pellets - comes in a blue bag. Reduces the odour massively - but not if they just poop on the top and don't bury it (looking at you- busycat1)

LaChatte Fri 27-Jul-18 09:29:35

A tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate works well.

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