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Does anyone know if the cat killer is still at large *TRIGGER* possibly upsetting

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OnTopOfSpaghetti Mon 23-Jul-18 19:57:59

Sorry I know it is an upsetting subject. I just posted on a other thread about the reasons I keep my cats in at night and listed the cat killer as one of the reasons. Then it got me thinking, I haven't heard or read anything lately and wondered if anyone knew if this monster was still out there?
I won't be letting mine out at night anyway but maybe some would consider it if the risk was less?

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chuffsake Mon 23-Jul-18 20:00:25

Yep. Still at large and killed two roads from me last week (Surrey) 😢

OnTopOfSpaghetti Mon 23-Jul-18 20:05:52

Oh no. So awful. Thank you for replying. sadsadsad

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OneThreadOnly0101 Mon 23-Jul-18 20:08:09

Definitely still active. Have a look at the SNARL Facebook page, they are involved in the investigation and regularly update when there's been activity.

OneThreadOnly0101 Mon 23-Jul-18 20:09:28

Hopefully that's clicky.

WhoKnowsWereTheTimeG0es Mon 23-Jul-18 20:12:29

Yes, also near me in Surrey about a month ago. sad

OnTopOfSpaghetti Mon 23-Jul-18 20:12:32

Thank you @OneThreadOnly0101 I will have a proper look, feel a bit naive now. I wish they could catch him/her. My heart would break in two if it happened to either of mine. Please do all you can to keep your furballs safe everyone.

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ImAGoofyGoober Tue 24-Jul-18 09:29:59

Yep definitely still at large. Someone in a group I’m in had a leaflet put through her door saying he is active in her area.

I so wish they could catch him, it’s been going on far too long. My only worry is that once they do I don’t think there will be a huge amount they can charge him with.

recklessruby Tue 24-Jul-18 09:42:21

I m in Herts and always keep my girl in at night. It's hard sometimes as she wants to be out late in this weather but I couldn't sleep if she wasn't in.
I hope they catch this evil person soon and ideal justice would be throw him or her into a locked room with a bunch of cat lovers allowed to do what they want to

OnTopOfSpaghetti Tue 24-Jul-18 13:00:27

I can only agree. How can it have been going on for so long without anyone noticing? We are in Hampshire but haven't really heard much apart from a case on Hayling Island a while back which isn't that far from ussad

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RickOShay Tue 24-Jul-18 13:02:00

Well said ruby.

SanFranBear Wed 25-Jul-18 00:08:13

Spaghetti - I'm Hampshire too and there were two cases in the city I live in two weeks ago. If you're close to Hayling, youre not far from me so definitely worth keeping your lady in. I've always kept my boy home as he's a dark cat & I'm not far from a busy road but I was still shocked when I saw the news.

Sadly, I can see he was active in my home town in Bedfordshire this morning - I can see they've attributed approx 400 cat deaths to this sicko sad Heartbreaking

SanFranBear Wed 25-Jul-18 00:09:56

Apologies - the case in Bedfordshire was on Friday..

springmachine Wed 25-Jul-18 00:18:25

This can't just be one person killing so many?

OnTopOfSpaghetti Wed 25-Jul-18 07:00:33

@SanFranBear oh it is just so sickening isn't it. Most definitely keeping mine in at night, not a chance of them staying out. Thank you for the info.
Quite shocking to think of how many poor cats and owners have suffered because of one person, as @springmachine says it is hard to think that one person can have been so prolific. Sick sick person. I wish there was a way to stop them.

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ImAGoofyGoober Wed 25-Jul-18 07:22:38

Apparently they reckon it is just one person. Have a look on the SNARL rescue page if you are on FB, they are the charity dealing with the case.

He must be some sort of delivery driver/lorry driver with the distance he covers.
Absolute sicko!

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