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How can I protect DCat?

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Stellarbella Sun 22-Jul-18 15:34:12

DCat has just turned 1 year old, she is a beautifully natured British Shorthair, who wouldn't say boo to a goose.

Recently we have been having trouble from a neighbour's cat, who is much larger and very aggressive. For the last few weeks we've just had stand-offs in the garden and lots of yowling, but on Friday night the neighbour's cat attacked DCat, leaving her with a large gash on her paw-pad for which she is on pain relief and antibiotics. My vet's bill was nearly £200 angry

I really don't want to keep DCat inside after her paw heals, so I'm looking for any suggestions of ways I can keep thug cat out of my garden, or otherwise protect DCat. Any suggestions?

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 22-Jul-18 16:57:48

You can cat proof the garden. Lots of youtube videos on it.

flumpybear Sun 22-Jul-18 17:00:38

I agree try and cat prof and keenp her in and horrid moggies out
But her a cat nip plant too so she can chill out in her garden!

AwkwardSquad Sun 22-Jul-18 20:02:02

Spray neighbour cat with water whenever you see it in your garden. You can use a plant spray set to ‘jet’. Quite effective. I have cats and would not object to this being done if needed, it doesn’t hurt them.

Stellarbella Mon 23-Jul-18 07:13:32

Will get onto cat proofing. Thug cat was at the cat flap terrorising my girl at 5am this morning confused

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