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So long, and thanks for all the fleas...

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LanguidLobster Sat 21-Jul-18 11:00:00

When cat went I put her food in the food bank (I hope they didn't think I was being funny; it was for any struggling family who might have a cat), then gave her litter and the indorex to a girl at the local shop who I have 'cat chat' with, she has several cats.

I've had the occasional flea since my little one went but put on a cashmere jumper the other day which I hadn't worn since and was besieged by them, albeit they were fairly feeble.

I need more indorex, don't I? Endless cleaning and vacuuming? I can't ask the girl for mine back!

You have to admire the fleas in a way, they're certainly persistent (and love wool and cashmere)

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bobstersmum Sat 21-Jul-18 11:10:03

I think they must have recently hatched as live fleas can't live without a pet host! Unless you have other pets, a thorough vaccumming and wash any old clothes should do!

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 22-Jul-18 14:01:12

I always suggest diatomaceous earth on these threads. I was sceptical, but tried it as a last resort with a stubborn infestation. It's miraculous stuff!

OnTopOfSpaghetti Mon 23-Jul-18 16:11:21

Our old girl left us with a flea infestation. We went away on holiday and came back to loads of larvae which hatched as we walked through the rooms and set them off with our body heat/vibrations envy
They only bit my DH and one of my DS so we literally went through each room, let them hatch and leap onto their legs, picked them off one by one and drowned them in soapy water. I then sprayed everywhere with indorex. Twas a grim way to end a holiday.
I have to be honest and say the best way to get rid of them is another cat that has been flea treated -they will bite the cat then die. Bastard fleas. Good luck!

Littlebluebird123 Wed 25-Jul-18 10:10:10

Never heard of it. What is it please?

LanguidLobster Wed 25-Jul-18 11:35:57

Never heard of it either! Only my bedroom is carpeted in my flat, I had a bit of a disaster trying to use carpet cleaner powder on it so must research carefully. We are still really confused about little cat dying, I have strange dreams that she's here and wake up anxious and upset looking for her.

I had a phone call this morning saying 'how is she?...oh...'

I just hope she forgives me for letting her down at the end and knew how much I loved her

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OnTopOfSpaghetti Wed 25-Jul-18 17:45:36

Aw she is gorgeous. Why do you think you let her down at the end? My old girl didn't have a peaceful passing sadly but she was well loved and had a good life, I'm sure yours did too.thanks

LanguidLobster Wed 25-Jul-18 19:40:38

Spaghetti I just didn't realise she was so ill. I was hospitalised a few days before she went and she was extremely frightened at being left, I was very slow on the uptake that there were underlying issues when I got home.

Sorry to hear about your little one, they bring so much happiness (and distress when they leave), thank you

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OnTopOfSpaghetti Wed 25-Jul-18 22:53:00

@LanguidLobster please don't be too hard on yourself. I understand the guilt but you weren't well yourself. You did the best you could under the circumstances. RIP dear puss and take care OPthanksthanksthanks

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 26-Jul-18 00:58:14

It's basically a powdered rock, made from fossilized diatoms ( tiny water creatures). It works by abrading the exoskeleton of insects and dehydrating them
I know it sounds a bit "woo" but it's used commercially as sa pool chemical, in some foods etc.
It really does work ( although you might kill fleas as well as the woodlouse infestation you didn't even know you had...) some people use it as a wormer to but I haven't tried that.
The main problem is that it clogs your vacuum cleaner filter when you hoover it up, but worth the agrobof changing the filter to remove fleas in a few days

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