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How to firm up his poos?

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ImAGoofyGoober Sun 15-Jul-18 08:53:47

My dcat has been having slightly looser poos than normal. Not diarrhoea though, I don’t think he is ill. He eats 2 tins of thrive and some applaws biscuits a day. What could I feed him to firm them up?

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AjasLipstick Sun 15-Jul-18 09:27:23

Give him some chicken wings...raw. My cat is fed on a completely raw diet and to be honest, those tins are rubbish as are any dried food for cats.

Mine has raw Kangaroo mince and sometimes, chicken wings or necks.

Penfold007 Sun 15-Jul-18 09:30:31

Pengirl is on a grain free diet, completely stopped her smelly loose poos and smelly wind.

Vinorosso74 Sun 15-Jul-18 10:04:40

Can I just say the OP is feeding good quality food! Thrive is actually meat not the rubbish stuff and I think Applaws is high meat content and grain free.
Is the cat up to date on worming? Does he hunt/scavenge as he may have just eaten something on his travels?
There is a paste called Pro-Kolin which could help.

rupertpenryswife Sun 15-Jul-18 10:25:58

My dcat has this sometimes and I found it was after feeding her some of the raw food, so I stopped and gave her some white fish, I feed meowing heads as this has a high meat content also. I have heard good things about pro kaolin but think it's only vet prescribed.

ImAGoofyGoober Sun 15-Jul-18 13:44:41

Thank you, I will ask at the vet about the paste as I think that might help.
He is already grain free and as Vino said has a high meat content food. He was on purrform when I got him but I couldn’t afford to keep it up unfortunately.

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AjasLipstick Sun 15-Jul-18 15:44:59

Vin there are tonnes of ingredients in Applaws dry food. Like most dry food aimed at cats.

Any food with a massive list of ingredients, including E numbers isn't good. It just isn't. It's nothing like what a cat would naturally choose to eat.

ImAGoofyGoober Sun 15-Jul-18 19:49:42

Are there any biscuits you can recommend Ajas? I do know they are nowhere near as good as raw but I can’t do raw at the moment and he does like the biscuits.

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CitrusFruit9 Sun 15-Jul-18 19:56:50

You can buy pro-Kolin over the web from Amazon an other places more cheaply than from your vets. It is very effective and works on both dogs and cats.

Also, it may seem counter intuitive but sometimes reducing the protein content can help. I have a cat who was a bit prone to loose stools on a high protein diet but he is very stable and much less smelly on Purina One indoor cat

cornishmumtobe Sun 15-Jul-18 20:01:23

I moved my Persian chinchilla on to Royal Canin Digestive Care biscuits - I think they are specifically to combat the issue of runny poos. No problems since we made the switch about 6 months ago

Thekitten Sun 15-Jul-18 21:49:35

I've been giving my leo pumpkin puree since Saturday and it's been a godsend. Half a teaspoon with each meal (3 a day). May be a tea spoon depending on how big your dcat is. Only had one attack of diarrhoea since last sat.

AjasLipstick Mon 16-Jul-18 12:12:41

OP if you can't do raw then you can't do it. I don't mean to make you feel bad. But biscuits in any shape are just not as good as raw. I'm sure you're using a good one though. Could you manage to get your cat some chicken necks or wings once a week? They're not expensive at all. Ten raw chicken wings are 2.19 in Tesco.

viccat Mon 16-Jul-18 13:31:02

I've recently changed mine onto Pure, it's a dehydrated complete food you add water to before serving. It's UK made and human grade ingredients but a complete food. My kitties have excellent poo quality since starting on this. Their website is Pure Pet Food.

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