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Advice regarding house move and DCat

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jitterbug5 Mon 09-Jul-18 08:42:55

I posted back in December about my DM having my cat temporarily until we saved money for a house deposit - were finally moving into our new house within the next few weeks and I need a bit of advice!

So DCat settled into my mums amazingly. He's only 1 year old and a little monkey! DM already had 3 cats of her own and DCat just took to them all and spends all his time with the other cats - sleeping with them, cuddling, playing, eating. So we've decided we need to get another cat when we bring him home. It's not fair to take him away where he'll be in his own when he's clearly such a sociable cat!

So how should we go about it? Which cat do we get first? Do we bring first DCat home and leave him to settle for a week or so (although he will probably be lonely when I'm at work!) or do we get new DCat settled and then bring in old DCat? I honestly just want both cats to be settled and happy but I don't know the way to go about it?!

Any advice is appreciated!

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ImAGoofyGoober Mon 09-Jul-18 15:33:39

Oh I’m not sure, that’s a tricky one.
I would be tempted to bring original cat home first and get a new cat after. Just make sure to give him loads of love and affection as he’ll miss his friends!

tattychicken Mon 09-Jul-18 15:35:53

Get him settled first, for at least a month or so, before you introduce anyone new.

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