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Council house + cat flap

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smurfy2015 Thu 02-Aug-18 09:50:37

I am a social housing tenant, I can have 1 pet either a cat or a dog. I choose cat. ;).

The limit prevents animal hoarding and overcrowding and for example if I was a dog owner with no limits I could be quite a nuisance for neighbours with my 10, next doors 10, other sides 10, so 1 each if wanted cuts down nuisance factor alot.

thecatneuterer Sat 07-Jul-18 19:22:42

I constantly deal with Council tenants who have cats. I've never heard of a council saying tenants can't have cats. They do get involved in hoarding situations (sometimes), but normal cat ownership seems to be fine.

And I know council tenants who have put in cat flaps. If you have a pvc door with two panels, then you can put in a flap and, should you ever leave the council house, you can replace the panel quite cheaply (less than £100 even if you pay someone to do it) so it is back to the condition it was before you moved in.

WorriedCatOwner Sat 07-Jul-18 16:32:38

Since our 13 week old kitten has recognised that there is a world beyond the four walls of our home, she's been wanting to go out. Of course, sh won't be going out for another couple of months but why not prepare early. I thought it's worth getting a cat flap for her instead of her hurting herself when jumping and out of the window. There's no perch besides the window so she'd have to jump from couch to window edge to garden floor. That's room for accidents, but then I might be a bit precious?

We've not actually told the council about our cat since our tenancy conditions only mention dogs and they should be microshipped and wild animals shouldn't be kept and that animals shouldn't be a nuisance. We can keep a cat I thought as there's nothing about cats and there's no nuisance involved.

But then I realised that we'd need to ask for permission for a cat flap and I don't want the council to turn around and say "You should get rid of your cat".

Should I do nothing and quote the tenancy conditions when asking or just let her go out through the window?

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