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Indoor to outdoor cat help

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quensuelabananahammok Fri 06-Jul-18 22:49:50


Our female cat has recently been starting to go out, as it's warm we leave the door open so she can pop in and out, the first time she had a fight, and recently every time she returns there's a different cat sat outside the front door hmm hopefully new 'friends'! She's been spayed by the way!

However a big black cat chased her inside and just sat out the door then went to lie down in the garden, does anyone know what this could be? Is she attracting males although she's been done or something else? It's three different cats I've seen so far, all of them without collars.

Thank you 😊

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CrazyDaisy2018 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:14:08

I watched a documentary once which said that in any urban neighbourhood there are a lot of cats who have their own "patches" and routines.

When a new cat is introduced to the neighbourhood it takes them a while for all their routines/patches to re-settle down.

Your cat is just finding her own at the moment and obviously the cat she fought with isn't keen on sharing theirs!

Give it some time and it should calm down.

My cat's "patch" is her own back garden and no further really. Haven't seen another cat in our garden for a long time though so the others have obviously got the message that it's a no go zone!

BoneShaker Sat 07-Jul-18 12:39:41

My experience fits with what CrazyDaisy says.

My (male and neutered) cat has recently started venturing into the garden in the evenings. We were then visited by several of the local cats. There was even a bit of spraying going on, judging by the leaves on one particular plant.

To start with, my cat would run inside whenever they appeared. Then his cat instincts seemed to kick in a bit and he would stand his ground or even chase them off.

After that, the visits became few and far between. I think the garden became a piece of successfully-claimed territory and so the others tend to stay out unless it's for a quick nose-nuzzle before dashing off. grin

quensuelabananahammok Sat 07-Jul-18 14:39:07

I know it sounds silly but she's only a small girl and young so I'm worried she's being bullied sad the black cat is a lot bigger than her.

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BoneShaker Sat 07-Jul-18 17:11:09

Not silly at all.

I have to confess that when the visits first started I used to stand next to the back door, ready to rush outside if it looked like there was even a hint of a fight. blush

I even thought about having some water ready, just in case I needed to use it to scare the other cat away. blush

Sometimes I think it's like having an extra child.

IStillMissBlockbuster Sat 07-Jul-18 17:23:16

Aww you're not silly!

I've started letting my indoor cat (for the whole 8 years of her life!) out this summer and have been SO worried when I lose sight of her.

As it happens, she's not a fan of the heat and has stayed in her carry box in the bedroom all day today...

quensuelabananahammok Sat 07-Jul-18 17:30:22

I literally chased the blacked one away! No one hurts my girl grin haha! I've always been a dog person until I got her.

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quensuelabananahammok Sat 07-Jul-18 17:30:36


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IStillMissBlockbuster Sat 07-Jul-18 18:09:36

grin proud of you grin

BoneShaker Sat 07-Jul-18 20:14:00

I can just imagine a very startled black cat pausing mid-fight to see who or what is running towards him/her. grin

Just don't start weeing on the plants to mark the territory on your cat's behalf.grin

Get someone male to do it. It's easier for them to aim at the leaves.

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