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Bel04 Fri 06-Jul-18 13:12:06

I'm literally livid. I spent ages scrubbing the floor with neat bleach yesterday because the cat had done a poo there (in her spot) again like she does at least every other day for ever. I'm unwell and I find all this cleaning up after her bloody hard. It smells awful and takes ages to get up. There are three cats but I've caught the cat I know is doing it soooo many times creeping. Away from where she's shat on the floor 🙄. For the love of god, what can I do to stop her. I've tried sooooo many things from cat repellant to a multitude of natural and chemical meaning products. There are multiple litter trays which are regularly cleaned. They always have access to the garden. Why does she keep doing it 😪!?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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MiniLeopardInTheHouse Fri 06-Jul-18 13:44:45

Hi again Bel - I see you have started a thread about it already! Well done and good luck. smile

MiniLeopardInTheHouse Fri 06-Jul-18 13:46:14

Ps What happens if you put a litter tray in her spot?

HeGotManFlu Fri 06-Jul-18 14:14:44

Put a puppy pad or old newspaper down and try a tray in her favourite spot. Cleaning it removes the smell so she has to go and Mark her territory again.

Bel04 Fri 06-Jul-18 22:16:19

Her favourite spot is right in front of the front door so not really an option to put a tray there as you can't get into or out of the house. Also we've tried putting it down there which causes a lot of issues getting in and out and she still poos just outside of it

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sirmione16 Fri 06-Jul-18 22:19:02

Does she have different litter types in different trays? Eg one with wood, one with antibac, one with clay?

Namethecat Fri 06-Jul-18 22:19:17

Some cats are attracted to bleach, so I'd choose something else to clean up. They hate citrus.

sirmione16 Fri 06-Jul-18 22:21:35

Posted too soon!!

I ask because our cat never used the wood litter, and always pooped literally in front of her tray, had her medically tested and all fine. We put another tray with antibac next to it and she uses that one to poop, but will pee in the wood still. Never gone on the floor since!

Catnut Fri 06-Jul-18 22:32:06

Sooooo difficult, and usually it's behavioural. But working out why your cat is stressed/anxious/unhappy is sometimes impossible.

My vet one told me there needs to be 1 litter tray per cat in the house, which helped me out.

I also used a product called Urinoff which was expensive but good for eradicating the smell.

Good luck OP, not an easy one.

Bel04 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:11:02

Where do you get these different types of litters and how much are they? We get the litter from Tesco on high street and it's just regular cat litter. For now I've put litter trays and food in the kitchen and put the troublesome cat in there overnight and have just let her outside now and I put food and water and litter trays in the front room for the other two cats. No poo on the floor!

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Bel04 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:12:32

The bleach is lime scented 😩 very citrusy! I have also used vinegar and bicarbonate, cat repellent, lemon cut up and left there and coffee ground. She just doesn't care.

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sirmione16 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:50:13

Our large Tesco stock different types, worth going to a pet store to find different ones too. Here's the two types our cat uses.

HeGotManFlu Sat 07-Jul-18 11:19:02

Did she use her tray overnight? Cats don't usually like to have their food, water and litter in the same room, well done though if it worked.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 07-Jul-18 11:19:17

As PP said, don't use bleach! Doesn't matter if its lime. They just want to cover the scent again. You can buy proper pet odour eliminator sprays.

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