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New cat advice please!

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Yumyumpigs Thu 05-Jul-18 03:32:38

Hey there!

We took in a cat on Monday. A little girl 2.5yrs. She's gorgeous. She's also not finding her litter tray and pood all over the bathroom yesterday and in the bath tonight! The smell woke me.

Now. I know it's early days and she's still adjusting but does anyone have any advice . I know what brand of litter her old owner used so will buy some tomorrow.... any thing else I should be doing?

If.its.relevant this is our only cat but I have had a cat before. My lovely boy died in February but he got the litter tray thing straight away!

Thanks all x

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Lalameme Thu 05-Jul-18 10:53:26

The cat will be stressed and can’t help messing all over the place it’s vwry common she’s in a strange trapped in environment.
All you can do is plonk her in her litter tray as much as possible until she builds her scent up in it then she will use it.
It’s like a child out then at a young age with strangers they will be stressed anxious and worried .
All you can do is love her cuddle her as olaybwiyh her and plonk her in her litter tray
My last kitten she was pooing everywhere I picked her up and she did it mid air all I’ve the room when everyone was eating dinner 😳

YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 05-Jul-18 10:55:44

Can you put the litter tray in the bathroom?

Wolfiefan Thu 05-Jul-18 10:58:48

Is she shut in the bathroom?
Has she been vet checked?

HeGotManFlu Thu 05-Jul-18 11:42:08

Put the tray in the bathroom, sit her in it if you can catch her before she uses it, cover the bathroom floor with old newspaper, lots of cuddles and post us some pics.

sirmione16 Thu 05-Jul-18 11:53:23

In a way, you're lucky it was in the bathroom so easier to clean up!! smile

Definitely use the same litter as before, make sure the tray is in a safe, quiet place but with open "escape" route. Play with her in the space where the litter box is so she positively associates with it and the smell.

She's new to the space and the house, probably a little skittish and scared is all. She'll come round smile and I agree with pp - most importantly here, we need pics!! smile

Yumyumpigs Thu 05-Jul-18 19:31:36

Seems like she's solved the problem by herself one big poo in the litter tray today. Let's hope she keeps it up. I've bought the right litter now though and she's getting lots of fusses. Thanks everyone!

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Yumyumpigs Thu 05-Jul-18 19:32:55

Sorry im on my phone. No idea hiw ti do pics from here!!! Will do one tomorrow when I'm on the computer

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YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 05-Jul-18 20:01:46

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Clever girl! Dreamies time 😁.

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