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Elderly cat poorly

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SpicedGingerTea Sun 01-Jul-18 12:02:05

Picking him up at 3.30. He's had a cocktail of medicine and his bloods were good. They gave him appetite stimulant and he's eaten. Vet said no need to do further tests as he's now well hydrated and eaten/used litter tray, and looks bright and interested.

I know he must be better because the vet said they kept offering him Whiskas Senior and he turned his nose up, but when offered Applaws he scoffed the lot. That's my boy.

Hoping the meds will have covered him for the next few days and that the temperature drops by mid-week.

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SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 15:28:16

Thanks everyone, this waiting is difficult. Oddly enough I HATE going to the vets with the possibility you might not be bringing them home, but today he desperately needs to be kept in. I don't know how much they can do in the hospital overnight other than give fluids and make him comfortable, but I'd like them to scan him tomorrow as well as bloods.

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4littlebirds Sat 30-Jun-18 15:13:43

Have you tried feeding them cat soup. I’ve done that in the past when cat has been ill and not drinking enough.
It’s difficult for Them in this heat, I’ve been putting ice cubes in the water bowl and I gave mine an ice pack water bottle to cuddle - wasn’t remotely interested in latter, but seemed to like chasing the ice cubes around the water bowl.
Hope your puss will be ok.

LanguidLobster Sat 30-Jun-18 15:13:22

Lou it's so horrible - you're doing the right thing by taking him in, things can change quickly.

Hope good outcome.

SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 15:11:54

Literally tried everything. Cooked fish, chicken, every known expensive cat food on the planet, dairylea (which he licked yesterday and wouldn't go near today), water, biscuits (which I know not ideal, but want him to try something). I just 'know' deep down something not right. Monday evening he was on bed chasing one of his toys around my feet - even though he's old, he's daft/silly etc and VERY involved in our daily life, even if it's sleeping on the floor right next to my sons toys to ensure he's getting attention all the time (even when asleep).

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SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 15:09:13

Thanks. Emergency appointment 4.30. First available. I feel relieved, though not expecting to bring him home tonight, but he needs to be in and he needs liquids. V v nervous.

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Lindy2 Sat 30-Jun-18 15:07:04

Can you tempt him with any very wet food? My young cat stopped eating a few weeks ago - she recovered from whatever it was but we still don't know what caused her to suddenly stop eating.
The vet gave her an sntibiotic injection and pain killer injection to see if thst would help.
I tempted her with prawns and those treat licki pouches that are like a smoothy for cats. They would provide liquid as well as some nutrition if you can persuade him to take some.
I hope he recovers soon.

LanguidLobster Sat 30-Jun-18 15:05:07

Actually yes go in now if you can x

SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 15:01:59

That's it, the heat is making everything tricky. Both times receptionists have said 'older pets don't cope with the heat' etc etc, so he IS usually lethargic and doesn't eat much in the heat anyway. In October his sister stopped eating suddenly and within 4 days she had to be PTS, so I'm assuming the worse. He has always regularly passed hairballs, so I doubt at this age he's finally got one stuck.

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SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 15:00:24

Thank you. This is my inclination. I've got that horrible butterfly feeling in my stomach. I do not want to leave him overnight in this bastard heat without any liquids in him.

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LanguidLobster Sat 30-Jun-18 15:00:03

So difficult - lost mine Thurs but she had more problems, heat complicates things.

If it panics you go in soon but otherwise get an appointment for tomorrow

Haudyerwheesht Sat 30-Jun-18 14:57:57

I think I’d want blood tests done especially of his kidneys. I’d probably get him seen today

SpicedGingerTea Sat 30-Jun-18 14:52:30

TrickyCat is approx 16-18 years old. In excellent health until Wednesday, when I got back from work I noticed he was more lethargic and hadn't eaten much. Assumed due to heat etc. Thursday kept a close eye on him, he seemed lethargic but did eat small amounts of chicken when hand fed. Due to age made appointment Friday morning for vet to check over.

Vet said he didnt' look ill (he didn't then!) and gave thorough check over. He is malting excessively and does get regular (as in 3-4 times a week) hairballs. So first line of treatment was to treat a potential blocked hairball, as I said it has been a few days since he has passed one. I accepted this as was elated vet thought it was minor issues,....... but nagging feeling pesisted it's something more than that.

Yesterday barely ate anything, but did drink some cat milk. Gave the malt for hair balls.

This morning I rang vets again, concerned about the not eating. I have an appointment at 11am tomorrow to check him over tomorrow. He DID do a long wee in litter tray which receptionist assured me means he won't be dehydrated (assume cat milk).

This afternoon he has done 2 v small but v runny poos in his litter tray. No fur in them. Inclined to stop the furball medicine as he isn't going anywhere near drink or food today and looks even more lethargic.

I am watching his every step. Have 2 hours till vet closes today, do I ring or accept appointment tomorrow? But car boiling hot and traffic will be busy at this time. If appointment tomorrow insist they take him in and do bloods/give fluids etc?

Sorry for rambled post. I just feel I've been fobbed off a bit and am panicking. sad He's our world. sad

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