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Grooming a cat who hates being brushed.

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Raven88 Wed 27-Jun-18 21:54:42

Is there anyway to make grooming enjoyable for my cat?

She is 7 months and she is friendly and enjoys being petted but she hates grooming. I'll add pics of the products. I use the comb first then the pad and she hates both. She runs of multiple times and gets annoyed. It takes 45 mins to finish grooming. she is short haired but I always end up with a lot of fur. I groom her twice a week because if I leave it too long she gets little tugs in her coat. When it's done she is fine. She has her treats and goes back to normal.

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Want2beme Wed 27-Jun-18 22:22:36

45 minutes is a long time. Maybe it's too much at once? I saw this in the shop today and wondered if it might be any good?

I use a cat comb for mine. One is longhaired and the other is short and they both like being combed, thank goodness.

Raven88 Wed 27-Jun-18 22:32:27

@Want2beme The 45 mins is her running off and me letting her come back to me. If she just stayed it would take me 15 mins.

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Want2beme Wed 27-Jun-18 22:54:19

I thought that might be the case grin.

Olinguito Wed 27-Jun-18 23:04:39

I just do a bit of brushing whilst my cat dozes. It used to end up with her grabbing and attacking the brush so I had to keep it very brief. Now she has got used to it and seems to actually like it.

Spandang Wed 27-Jun-18 23:08:12

Mine was like this. Hated the cat brush with a passion - it was one of those with metal prongs - so I tried my Denman hair brush on her one day and it worked so well she now has her own grin

BeBesideTheSea Wed 27-Jun-18 23:09:51

Definitely try a grooming glove. My Dcat was the same but loves the glove

HeGotManFlu Thu 28-Jun-18 11:13:26

Try a grooming glove, or a zoom groom rubber brush or a baby hair brush, out shorthaired loved them all. Pics please.

PanPanPanPing Thu 28-Jun-18 13:23:18

Cat1 hates grooming/brushing with a passion. He was an adult adoptee to us and we thought he had been previously 'played with' by small children with hairbrushes. We have to leave him be and, on the whole, he's clean and neat. Sometimes we manage a short and gentle brush/comb - but it's not worth the hassle, or the risk of being scratched.

Cat2 (also adult adoptee, but from elsewhere) utterly adores being brushed/groomed. In fact, that's the only time he runs - the sight of the brush has him saying "yes, yes, yes, me, me, me, BRUSH ME NOW" grin

TalkinPeece Thu 28-Jun-18 13:26:25

Or just leave her to it ?
If the fur is loose she will wash it out.
I never groom either of mine

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