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Something's not right with cat

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Want2beme Wed 27-Jun-18 22:13:06

She's in and out, hollerIng at me, finding it really hard to settle in the heat. I better get her in now.

I didn't even think about your use of swords and scabbards grin - perfectly normal, I'd say.

Good luck at the vet and finding somewhere gull-free to live.

LanguidLobster Wed 27-Jun-18 21:45:42

Want2beme how are yours going bananas?

We're 0.5 miles from the beach but unfortunately the gulls have gravitated to the residential streets and are vicious, horrid, and interested in the cat.

I did think after I posted that it might sound strange talking about swords and scabbards but I have an old family one from 1800s which I grew up around so it feels perfectly natural to me to have one. Although my knees would be knocking I had a split second decision about what to run in and grab and bop it with if it went in for the peck, so to speak. Cat is so tiny and sweet and gentle.

She's still subdued, vets tomorrow. An MN poster said earlier that her neighbour's cat was killed by a seagull, they really are vicious. I spoke to the council and they said they'd considered falconry but it only frightens them away for a short period of time.

Lady a few doors up has a lovely garden and cat loves to go there (she is so nice, I spoke to her earlier and she likes cat going into it and when I said if she ever did a poo to let me know and I could clean it, said no and that the seagulls did more damage).

I'm in the process of finding us somewhere nicer less haunted by vicious gulls. Cannot understand why they are protected.

Thanks for asking anyway, they terrify me!

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Want2beme Wed 27-Jun-18 20:53:28

Is she any better? Are there lots of gulls where you live? She's probably terrified after that run in. One of mine is going bananas in this weather. Keep her as cool as you can until the vet sees her.

LanguidLobster Wed 27-Jun-18 15:49:57

She's been odd since yesterday - I went out with her into the sunshine and a seagull started threatening her so I scrambled back inside quickly and grabbed the scabbard (I honestly would have grabbed the sword if it wasn't illegal), seagull didn't attack in that time but I rushed back out to clang it one if it got any nearer to her and it flew off.

Cat has been terrified ever since, and hiding in our flat. She's eaten a bit, had severe diarrhoea, laid out and raised her bottom and tail (submissive pose?) and was rasping a bit.

I really don't know if this could be due to fright? Vets can't fit her in today so it will have to be tomorrow.

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