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We're going to cuddle cats...

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drspouse Sun 24-Jun-18 21:41:01

You may remember I'm quite keen to get a cat but DH is allergic. DS is 6 and has some SEN (mainly a bit impulsive) but is mad keen on dogs and cats. He's always asking to stroke dogs and is very nice with them. Same with cats we come across.
Anyway we are going to volunteer to cuddle cats at the animal shelter.
I'm not completely sure he'd have the attention span to be calm for a whole half hour dog walk at first so if he gets over excited we can just leave the cats alone. It's mainly things like bouncing and jumping when excited which I know might not be good for some.
I'll make sure to check and also go over with him how to stroke gently, and where to stroke, and what a cat waving its tall means.
Anything else I should be aware of/remind him of?

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Vinorosso74 Sun 24-Jun-18 23:22:41

My 8yo DD "tests" out cats at Cats Protection. They are hot on PPE so shoe covers, aprons, cleaning hands etc.
Patience is something with cats as some can be shy initially but then slowly come out to see you. Offer a hand for cat to sniff first with fingers tucked in (don't want to get them used to nibbling fingers) before stroking them.
My DD had a brief induction which included basic cat body language. You can probably find stuff online among those lines.
I hope he enjoys it!

MrsPawsitive Mon 25-Jun-18 01:45:47

OP, that's such a wonderful thing to do with your DS. Jackson Galaxy the cat guy also says that cats like it when you do a slow eye blink, because in cat language it means trust. That's a good thing for your DS to try out as part of his greeting the cats. Hope DS has a fantastic time at the shelter.

drspouse Mon 25-Jun-18 08:41:09

Thanks, no PPE at our shelter which is probably good for DS! Great tip about the fingers and the blink.

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HeGotManFlu Mon 25-Jun-18 11:19:44

I cuddled for c.p. some of the kitties were really shy and nervous so I sat on the floor until they came to see me. With the slow blink we did this , you blink slowly then turn your head away.

QueenOfIce Mon 25-Jun-18 11:25:03

Sorry, What? You can volunteer to cuddle cats? How do I not know about this and where do I sign up? Is there one for horses and dogs too grin

drspouse Mon 25-Jun-18 12:13:52

Queen you can also walk dogs at our animal shelter but as I say I decided to start small (mainly due to attention span limitations for DS).

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-Jun-18 12:18:04

I want to be a cat cuddler. How do you get into it?

HeGotManFlu Mon 25-Jun-18 13:55:23

Look up your local cat protection website, at the top of the page there should be a section called volunteering or ways to help, that's how I got into it, I don't know about other rescues but it's a great way to spend a few hours and I haven't bought any home (yet)smile

Wolfiefan Mon 25-Jun-18 14:03:12

We cuddled tiny baby kittens at the weekend! Teeny tiny babies. DS and I volunteer. Normally we dog walk but after putting a pile of laundry on the line someone suggested kitty cuddling. It was lush.
Cats may be startled by sudden movement. He can't jump or bounce. It's unfair on the cats. Could he have something else he can do instead? (Like a fidget toy?) The cages can be a bit small and bouncing in them could injure a cat.
Get low, hold your hand out. Suggest ways he might like to cuddle cats. Rub under chin or let them headbutt!
He could roll a tiny ball etc for a young cat. Be careful what you wear. DS had his lap kneaded by a cat. Ouch in shorts.
I'm allegedly allergic to all cats. I am allergic to one of my two. But didn't react to any we cuddled.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 25-Jun-18 15:26:01

I've emailed them!

drspouse Sun 29-Jul-18 22:23:56

He's doing very well so far! He's learned to brush them and he's mainly calm - they have notes on their rooms to say whether they are nervous/outgoing /like children. They have an outdoor space and only one has run off in about 3 visits and about 4 cats per visit. It's pretty much impossible for him not to flap a bit but he only does it gently and they don't seem that bothered. He's being very quiet too, which he finds hard, but it's a very calm place.

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drspouse Sun 29-Jul-18 22:24:30

PS I've not brought one home yet - give me time.

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Toddlerteaplease Sun 29-Jul-18 23:40:55

I never got a reply to my email. 😿

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