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kidney disease; what to expect [sad]

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Gatekeeper Sun 24-Jun-18 16:02:22

I took Sherlock for his yearly vaccinations yesterday and mentioned that he was drinking more and noticed he was thinner over last few weeks- he'd lost 300g since this time last year which is a lot for a cat.
Vet said she suspected kidney disease but couldn't get bloods from him as he was so stressed- have another appointment in a couple of weeks for him to be sedated so they can do it then sad

his appetite is very good and health otherwise fine so if it is that then hopefully it can be managed

Anyone on here whose cat has this please and can advise? I daren't google as I'm thinking the worst...

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viccat Sun 24-Jun-18 16:14:04

It's very common for senior cats and most have a good quality of life for many years on a special diet and eventually medication. How old is Sherlock?

Eating a lot and losing weight could also be hyperthyroidism, another common condition for older cats and easily managed by medication.

timtam23 Sun 24-Jun-18 16:29:21

Sorry to hear this. Definitely could be hyperthyroidism if he's drinking more, eating well but losing weight - diabetes also a possibility as well as kidney disease. All 3 very common in older cats so hopefully you will get good advice from your vet, after the blood tests.

Gatekeeper Sun 24-Jun-18 16:36:21

he's 11 and a half and the apple of my eye apart from 3am when he wails in my face

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Hs2Issue Sun 24-Jun-18 17:05:26

Dcat collapsed with kidney failure at 12 and needed 48 hours on a drip. She's now 17, so has survived with it for a very long time (thankyou petplan whole life cover!)

She's doing very well on fortekor and royal canin renal biscuits (though normal cat meat as she hated the renal meat sachets and refused to touch them).

So cat's can do ok even with kidney failure. Good luck with Sherlock.

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