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Psychic cat

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CanadianJohn Fri 22-Jun-18 03:04:40

The cat has diabetes, and has to have insulin injections twice a day. The cat does not like it.

She used to hide behind the couch when I said "where's the cat", but she has been getting better lately.

This evening I got home about 9.00, and went to the fridge to get the insulin. The cat, who was in the living room, not within sight of the kitchen, immediately woke up, jumped out of her basket, and rushed behind the couch.

I hadn't even got a syringe yet, surely the cat can't be thinking "fridge = insulin".

If anyone would like a cat, this one is available. Comes with a mostly-full bottle of insulin, and most of a box of 100 syringes.

MiniLeopardInTheHouse Fri 22-Jun-18 09:16:33

If cats can think fridge=milk, (which in our house they certainly do), then cats can think fridge=insulin. Animals pick up on non-verbal cues like the sound of the fridge door being opened, and in your case now associate it with the dreaded injections. Have you tried a couple of her most favourite treats, (for example Dreamies or small pieces of ham), before and after the injections, together with soothing words and stroking, to try and give it a more positive association for her? Sometimes nothing works and you just have to get it over with as quickly as possible, but a treat before and afterwards would probably still help. Good luck with your cat's health and outwitting her!

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