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Do you ever get used to them going AWOL?

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dameofdilemma Thu 21-Jun-18 09:17:52

We had our first experience of the cat going AWOL for 24 hours. Had no idea it would be so worrying. The worst part was seeing how upset dd (6) was.

Cat returned in the early hours looking sorry for himself, hungry/thirsty but otherwise ok. Have tried to explain to dd that some cats like to go on adventures and it doesn't mean something bad has happened.

He's a very outdoors-y cat so am guessing this might happen again.
He's 5 years old - do they get less adventurous with age?
Not sure I can take the worry!

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Foslady Thu 21-Jun-18 18:25:27

Mine went missing for 13 hours (back yesterday evening). I think she’s had a scare as she’s a totally different cat now - hiding away and won’t socialise and doesn’t want to go outside.
I’ve checked her over, she’s walking and eating ok, and despite I guess lack of food had a couple of litter tray visits.
I just keep giving her a bit of space and then checking on her every half hour

Foslady Thu 21-Jun-18 18:25:53

Sorry, not 13, 24!

Vinorosso74 Thu 21-Jun-18 22:46:29

I'm terrible worrying about our lad! Granted he was handed to a vets as a stray (he either wandered or humans couldn't cope). We only let him out when we're home and he usually pops back frequently but he worried us going off for 4 hours so longer I would freak!
Our old girl was sensible so never went far but I did worry if she was a bit too long as she needed to be home for food and insulin!
They do like to keep us on our toes!

Want2beme Thu 21-Jun-18 22:53:32

Glad they're home OP & Foslady. I don't think you ever get used to it when they go on the missing list. One of mine's mostly an indoor cat, (only wanders outside with me), but my other one loves being outside and can sometimes disappear for a bit longer than normal and this turns my stomach in knots. Its such an awful feeling.

LucheroTena Fri 22-Jun-18 08:17:22

Nope it’s awful. We had a terrible weekend and I’m so happy to have him home again. I wish there was an implantable GPS.

Foslady Fri 22-Jun-18 12:57:45

Foscat getting slowly back to being herself........only I think she’s lost all her that possible? She’s anti social generally, hates being picked up, and not showing any paw trauma but haven’t felt any (daren’t try getting too close and scaring her off when she’s still coming round), is that possible?

KlutzyDraconequus Fri 22-Jun-18 19:26:25

I came in to post something similar.
My boy wandered off this morning and I'm panicking already. I hate it.
Wish I'd not let him out now. :sad

dameofdilemma Sat 23-Jun-18 14:42:30

It's the not knowing where they've been too....the cats behaviour has changed a bit since he came back. He's off his food, still eating but much less. Still drinking water.

He also just doesn't seem to want to hang around with us as much as before, he used to love lying down being stroked by dd and now he won't let her touch him. She's heartbroken.

We're going to give it 24 .hours then maybe go to the vet.

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LucheroTena Sat 23-Jun-18 14:56:20

I’d take him to the vet. If he doesn’t like being touched and is off his food he may be injured.

Want2beme Sat 23-Jun-18 14:59:33

Klutzy, did he come back?

Dame, do you think he's hurt something? Hope he's better in himself soon.

dameofdilemma Sat 23-Jun-18 15:55:16

He's still jumping, running etc and there are no visible injuries but we've never had a cat before so just not sure.

He'll let dp and I stroke him, it's just dd, who used to be his favourite.

If he's still not eating properly by Monday then think will take him to the vet.

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knockknockknock Sat 23-Jun-18 16:09:32

Cats can lose their claws from being hit and dragged by cars 😔

KlutzyDraconequus Sat 23-Jun-18 19:12:51

He did. smile He got back at around 9pm
He hasn't been out much today, he's chosen to sleep on his perch.

0range99 Sat 23-Jun-18 19:17:20

One of mine likes to wander and has stayed out overnight a couple of times. We are close to where the UK Cat Killer has struck several times so I am always terrified when either of them are out at night.

For a while they wore tracking collars til one of them lost theirs - that was almost worse as I knew how far and wide they travelled and how many roads they had crossed.

Want2beme Sat 23-Jun-18 19:37:16

Great news Klutzy. He must have had a great time out and about. He's gorgeous.

EachandEveryone Sat 23-Jun-18 19:39:50

The younger on of mine goes out all day i dont know where to but shes covered in little green balls when she gets back. If its more than four hours i go to the back and in my best Julie Andrews voice shout Dolly Dolly Sweeties and she comes bounding from where ever shes hiding. Its a good job she has a very sweet tooth or i dont know what id do. Daphne never leaves mamas side unless its to see off the young seven toed ginger thats started to hang around.

KlutzyDraconequus Sat 23-Jun-18 19:45:04


Thanks. He is very handsome for a 'Moggy' lol.

I think I'm going to train him to like Dremies and shake the bag when he has them. Then shake the bag out back. smile

I'm fairly confident he'll come back.. its if he gets stuck somewhere or injured I worry most about.

Foslady Sun 24-Jun-18 09:21:53

Hi ZZ Dame, Foscat is just getting towards being her old self, I think it scared her and stresses her out more than anything. It took some time - she hid for 24 hours whilst I was at work and didn’t eat or drink. I took her food to her and managed to speak to her to coax her out to eat. I then left her for half an hour and went back to talk more and that got her out. Only then when she felt same did she eat and drink (and has made up for it since!). A couple of hours later she ventured into the back garden, and a couple of hours after that started to groom. She’s much calmer now about her surroundings but still being given lots of praise for doing simple cat things!
I hope yours starts to calm down to being herself soon flowers

Foslady Sun 24-Jun-18 09:22:19

Sorry ignore the random ZZ!

SpadesOfGlory Sun 24-Jun-18 09:29:31

Our cat usually stays outside during the day and only comes in at night...He can be gone for a few hours at a time but usually came back if I shook the treat box!

He disappeared once for 3 days and I was fearing the worst, but he eventually came back smelling quite dusty and looking a bit worse for wear. I think he might have been locked in somewhere cause he was very jumpy for a day or two afterwards and absolutely starving! He occasionally will stay out overnight if it's mild, I tend to not worry now because he's normally waiting at the back door in the morning!

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