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He’s home but his brother is still hissing at him

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LucheroTena Fri 22-Jun-18 08:45:50

Funny old things aren’t they? These 2 have always been unusually close and certainly when he disappeared the other was very unsettled. I think it was a scent / stress thing but who knows how they think. Certainly he was pleased at being allowed to sleep in our bed (if course we haven’t stopped that now so have both in there hmm) so I suspect the nose was put out of joint. I’m sure most cats would rather be onlys.

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Fluffycloudland77 Fri 22-Jun-18 08:29:41

That’s better.

Our neighbours had two cats, brothers, one died and they said the other didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered.

LucheroTena Fri 22-Jun-18 08:14:56

Update. As of yesterday all back to normal. Lying in bed cuddling each other. Yay! smile

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LucheroTena Tue 19-Jun-18 22:30:01

Thanks all. Still a bit of hissing but hopefully settling a bit. Returned cat was on my lap and his brother joined us. Then remembered he was meant to have the hump, hissed and jumped off. They’re choosing to be in the same room now. Not sure how passive aggressive that is, returned cat is acting respectfully with tail up and blinking.
How long until goes back to normal?

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AveABanana Tue 19-Jun-18 09:57:38

Our boy went missing for a few days and came back in a bit of a state, his sister hissed at him and was not please to see him at all, but once he'd had a bath and she'd got over her huge disappointment at not being the only cat in the house she settled in to groom him. I've got some Nilaqua Waterless Pet Shampoo (from Amazon) which you rub on and rub off, so no actual bathing required.

nosleepforoverayear Tue 19-Jun-18 09:09:54

The one who didn't go missing thinks he is the king of the castle now... try to minimise separation from each other as they need to resolve it between them. But I think keeping them inside for a couple of days would be a good idea.

LucheroTena Tue 19-Jun-18 07:55:16

Thanks Fluffy. Returned cat is slow blinking at the other cat so trying to be non threatening. It seems a little better today. I’ve given them 2 litter trays and water bowls (they normally share) and separate them when we’re not there to supervise. Let’s hope it settles back down. I was planning on keeping them both in for a few days until they’re comfortable again, do you think that’s wise?

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 19-Jun-18 06:43:15

It should resolve itself, it’ll be the smell. Happens after vet visits sometimes if they’ve had an op.

LucheroTena Tue 19-Jun-18 06:14:11

They’ve been close as anything for years, always choose to sleep together, mutual grooming, very snuggly. One cat went missing for a few days (we think was trapped somewhere) and came home yesterday morning. He was distressed and a bit thinner but seems fine now, eating and settled.

Brother keeps hissing at him. I’ve kep them apart overnight, have rubbed cloths over scent glands and onto each cat, rubbed our dirty laundry over the returning cat. We have a feliway. Brother is settled until he comes into contact with returned cat. They eat alongside each other without any problem. Returned cat not hissing or reacting but looks bemused. We haven’t been fussing too much over returned cat.

I’m guessing that he seems different or smells different. Any tips to help with this? Thank you.

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