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My DCat has very low white blood cells. I am really scared.

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duffbeergoggles Mon 18-Jun-18 19:48:43

She has lost almost a kg. I was shocked, she's a Raggy but has always been a bit slender and her DBro is a food bully and all round bit of a shit with her really.
She hasn't been well recently, took her to vet last Saturday for routine vaccinations. Vet took a full blood count as she thought maybe diabetes. DCathas no energy, it's like something took the spark out of her; she used to greet me at the front door when I got home from work and recently it's as if she can't find it in her. I actually thought I'd lost her last week when i came back from work and I had to go and find her, she was in her igloo and I had to keep shaking it and calling her before she woke up. Vet gave me some probiotic powder which she is eating but she isn't eating much else.
Results came back today, everything fine except the white blood cells and neutrophils (?) .
Next step is a urine sample but i can't remember why he said that.
He said that they need to find out if there is bone marrow disease or a tumour 'eating her energy'. I've googled bone marrow disease. I know what it means.
Does anyone have any words of comfort? Wisdom? Experience? Expertise? Anything?
I'm going to lose her aren't I?

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follybodger Mon 18-Jun-18 20:15:19

I lost my DC just a few months ago. Not totally similar symptoms but after diabetes was confirmed he kept adding to the list. Two months after the diabetes diagnosis he went seriously downhill. For two weeks we all battled to save him but I had to let him go. It wasn't fair to try to keep him going. He would've been 6 the week after. It's just hit me and the kids really hard as he was so young

I hope your DC can recover because it really killed me to watch him suffer and realise I should have let him go two weeks earlier.


follybodger Sun 24-Jun-18 22:48:24

Hi Duff. How's your little lady doing? I hope you've had a better outcome than we had xxx

duffbeergoggles Mon 25-Jun-18 09:54:34

Am waiting for the vet to phone. Her urinalysis seems to have been clear of "nasties according to him but as there is protein in her wee I don't know what his plan will be. However I am mightily relieved that so far it's not bad news.shes still not eating well tho.
Thank you for asking. Hopefully the picture will be clearer once vet has been in touch smile

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footballwidower Wed 11-Jul-18 22:17:22

Hi duff

How's DCat doing?

duffbeergoggles Thu 12-Jul-18 06:45:45

Hello and thank you for asking
She is clear of everything and now trying to put some weight on .
I've noticed that other Dcat is still really bullying her still. Vet advised I feed her in a different room which I have been and she has a petfeed feeder which opens and shuts just for her. She has been feeding at night when other Dcat is asleep. So now he's attacking her when she goes in her igloo and she's to scared to go in that :-(
So at least she isn't very poorly and for that I'm so relieved she's such a sweet thing . The other issue I'm working on .

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