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Say hello to Mr TC

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Benji13 Sun 17-Jun-18 09:12:06

So we have been feeding a stray cat for quite some time. He turned up in April almost dead with huge abscesses. I had him vet treated and neutered and set about seeking a rescue space for him. We have our own cats and dog. Wellll 2 months on look who has officially moved in. I think I have to accept he's here to stay.
Post neuter he's a soppy big pudding. He's about 7, had a hard life, old broken tail, old broken back leg, vets removed pellets from where he's been shot in the past. All in the past now. 😉
He's also an fiv cat. We've done loads of research on this with our vet and as long as he doesn't fight any more - which he doesn't he's no threat. He just wants a sofa and a lap. He's also bless him reliving his kitten hood, super playful like a kitten.
So welcome to the good life Mr TC ( kids named him - top cat, I think he needs a new name now!!)

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Mari098 Sun 17-Jun-18 09:21:44

Ah bless him, what a cutie.

Allergictoironing Sun 17-Jun-18 09:56:10

Another case of a cat choosing his people rather than the other way round. All in all seems pretty much a win win situation, he gets a great home, you get a lovely house cat. Lovely story smile

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 17-Jun-18 10:05:20

Brilliant job OP - love a thread about a cat landing on his paws - Top Cat looks very pleased with himself grin

Thundersky Sun 17-Jun-18 10:08:20

Look at that face. He's a very grateful cat. How lovely that his life has been turned around smile

chemenger Sun 17-Jun-18 10:09:30

He is lovely. These tough old strays usually turn in to big softies once someone gives them a bit of love. Well done for taking him in.

Papergirl1968 Sun 17-Jun-18 12:08:02

Aww, what a lovely story. He looks so at home and I hope he goes on to have a very long, happy and peaceful life.
People who abandon or mistreat animals make me despair. Thank goodness for people like you.

PunkrockerGirl59 Sun 17-Jun-18 12:12:01

He's beautiful.

Weezol Sun 17-Jun-18 12:16:39

In the first picture I see a cat who clearly knows he's on to a winner and is very happy to be home with his staff people. He's trying not to be smug about it, but is thinking of doing the lottery this week, as he suspects he is the luckiest cat ever.

mimibunz Sun 17-Jun-18 12:17:25

Bless him. I’m so glad he found his very own family.

thecatneuterer Sun 17-Jun-18 12:18:32

That's lovely. Hello Mr TC.

Emma198 Sun 17-Jun-18 12:20:18

Aw. He's lovely. You're a good person, OP.

Icequeen01 Sun 17-Jun-18 20:46:31

He is one very lucky cat to have found you and what a beautiful boy he is too. You kindly posted on a thread I had about a stray cat I am trying to help (no success yet but it now comes twice a day for its food so at least I know it's not starving!) Your story has really encouraged me to continue and try to get help for this stray and I would like nothing better than to have an ending like yours.

Benji13 Sun 17-Jun-18 21:50:00

Awww thanks. Bear with it. TC came for 6 months before we gained his confidence, baby steps and lots of patience. Like you we fed him twice a day, eventually he would be fed by the back door, then inside the utility room, then he had a bed in there. All gradual. Him turning up poorly helped really as he was so ill he had to be nursed inside for a week and that helped 'tame' him. The neuter also helped a lot. Best of luck with your stray. Feel free to pm me if you need any more help/signposting to rescues x

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Want2beme Sun 17-Jun-18 22:17:10

Mr TC looks well at home. I hope I can do the same with my little stray, but he just wanders off after feeding.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 17-Jun-18 22:20:30

Love that second pic - sleeping like a dog. I love when my cats do that, it looks so chilled compared to that uptight tucked in loaf position cats do smile

TheLongRider Mon 18-Jun-18 09:18:46

That's a lovely good news story. The same has happened with us when we've taken in old Toms. They can make the best pets.

ifonly4 Mon 18-Jun-18 11:11:33

He's lovely, so glad you've found eachother. Also, it's great to see him relaxing somewhere he feels safe after everything he's been through.

AlexaAmbidextra Tue 19-Jun-18 00:17:36

What a lovely story. And doesn’t he look pleased with himself? 😻

Horsemad Tue 19-Jun-18 09:08:26

Awwwww, those photos melt my 💓 He looks so pleased to be there!

Our current cat is a stray and hung around for 6 mths before she was brave enough to step into the kitchen. As I type, she's upside down on DS's bed, grinning her head off ! 😀

TerfsUp Tue 19-Jun-18 09:12:34

Awwww. That's a lovely story. I am glad that TC has found a loving home.

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