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Tell me about your Maine Coons!

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MoltenLight Wed 06-Jun-18 22:05:03

We are finally moving into a rental that allows pets and in a months time, we are picking up a 15mo Maine Coon girliegrin The breeder changed her breeding programme so she’s spaying and rehoming her. She’ll be indoor only and have the run of our 3 storey house with lots of hidey holes and perches.

I’ve been doing tons of research and have an Amazon wish list as long as my arm of bits and bobs for her and I know about the breeds temperament, but I’d love to hear stories and see some pics of your actual fur babies grin

Any tips are very welcome, I grew up having moggies so I know cats, but I hear MCs are a different ballgame!

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LetItGoToRuin Thu 07-Jun-18 09:57:51

Ooh, lucky you! We have two Maine Coons, brother and sister, which we’ve had since they were 13 weeks. They’re 11 years old now, and are indoor cats. They are quite timid with strangers, and will hide for a bit and then gradually make themselves known, but once they know someone they’re very friendly. They make a big thud when they jump off the bed or windowsill which can be alarming in the night! Very chatty (pathetic miaows though!) and they always want to hang out near to people.

They certainly have us well trained. Our boy will sit on a lap if there’s a cushion on it (posh cat!), but the girl will call from the other side of the room, demanding attention. She will sit on a chair which I’ll drag into position next to me so I can stroke her. She also flops on the floor in the middle of the room, just where you’re about to head, to make sure she gets some attention on the way. Our boy has a real sense of humour – he’ll tuck himself under a rug or wrap himself in a visitor’s handbag strap, just to look silly and get attention. He’ll also play pouncing games and peekaboo behind the sofa. I always play with them before bedtime – it only takes 5 mins as they’re very lazy these days – but I get told off (scratching at bedroom door) if I try to skip it!

They’re pretty laid back generally, and intelligent enough to know when you’re trying to help them. For example, occasionally one of them will have a bit of a toileting accident and will need their bottom trimming/washing, and DH and I have never had a scratch from them while this is going on. Similarly worming or medicating, and claw clipping. Not a problem at all (maybe we’re just lucky).

The long hair is a bit of a pain – sticks to your clothes and everything in the house. Regular grooming is the obvious answer, but there will still be hairballs at times! I sometimes give them some malt paste which is supposed to help the hairballs pass through their system more easily – not sure how much difference it really makes though, to be honest!

Maine Coons can be prone to sensitive stomachs. Our boy can’t tolerate normal dry food so we give them Royal Canin Sensitive dry food, which they’ve been fine with. Wet food is no problem. Our boy just eats what he needs, but the girl is a bit greedy so did get slightly overweight so we had to be careful. She’s lost a bit as she’s got older which is a good thing.

They’ve been very healthy. They have an annual check-up, and have once had their teeth cleaned under GA. The boy is just starting to seem a little cautious in his movement, so we’re trying him on Metacam to see if it makes any difference, but that’s the first concern we’ve had.

I’ll try to find a picture of them. Good luck with your new arrival!

LetItGoToRuin Thu 07-Jun-18 09:59:30

Here's our boy

LetItGoToRuin Thu 07-Jun-18 09:59:45

Here's our girl

Frosty66612 Thu 07-Jun-18 10:06:26

@letitgotoruin your boy one looks very similar to my boy one with the same coloured coat.
Mine is 10 now and he was indoor until he was 4 but he now goes outdoors and absolutely loves it. He’s very prone to diarrhoea so I have to be careful what I give him to eat. He’s incredibly timid with people he doesn’t know and will run and hide from them. With me he’s the most affectionate animal I’ve ever known though. He cuddles right into me with his face against mine when I’m in bed. He loves sitting on my lap on the sofa and purrs a lot.
The only downside is the fluff that gets EVERYWHERE. I have to hoover the whole house every day and I can’t leave the house without using a sticky roller all over my clothes. Guests who visit often leave covered in fluff too even if I’ve hoovered before they arrive.
He’s fabulous though and the best pet I’ve had

LetItGoToRuin Thu 07-Jun-18 10:20:50

Frosty - I can relate to every word!!

I'd forgotten about the purr - my boy has a deafening purr! On their first day with us the girl settled immediately but the boy was a bit homesick for a few hours and just sat quietly in the litter tray (!). In the evening I sat with him for ages, talking to him and stroking him, to be rewarded by his fabulous purr! All was well from then on!

Bridechilla Thu 07-Jun-18 10:27:12

As he's a rescue we're not sure if he's a MC or a NFC.

He's a needy little beggar but it's so lovely even if it is for food he greets us at the door every evening, chattering alway. He plays football and although he's not a lap cat he likes to be near at all times, like a floofy shadow.

Ours is a bit of a Victor Meldrew, we think because he was mistreated when he was young, you cannot tell him what to do.

Carpets are not 90% cat hair and any future house purchases will be grey to match him grin

Frosty66612 Thu 07-Jun-18 10:28:13

@letitgotoruin my boy’s purr is very loud too and he loves to chat to me all the time. He does a mixture of a meow/purr sometimes which sounds like a chirrup.
He’s completely addicted to Dreamies and will be very manipulative to get his paws on some (flirting lots by rolling around on his back and looking very cute. As soon as I give him some he then buggers off somewhere).
He’s needy and will follow me from room to room even if I just nip upstairs for a second. He even tries to get into the bathroom when I’m on the toilet haha.

Frosty66612 Thu 07-Jun-18 10:29:07

Oh and my one plays fetch like a dog. I throw him something and he’ll run after it and then bring it back to my hand in his mouth. Very cute!

Mooster62 Thu 07-Jun-18 10:42:11

I have two Maine Coons which I have had from Kittens. One is 13 and the other 9. It is the wonderful chirruping noise they both make which sounds ridiculous coming from such large cats. Neither of them are lap cats but both follow you from room to room, just wanting to be wherever the people are. We also have a Westie and both cats definitely rule the roost and are happy to bat her whenever she tries to lick them or sniff their bottoms. Mine are not indoor cats and roam freely but I have trained them to come in every night at 8.30pm and they are then locked in till the morning. They are a wonderful breed of cat!

MoltenLight Thu 07-Jun-18 17:22:27

Aww thank you for sharing! You’ve all got some gorgeous boys and girls.

I’m hoping she’s very chatty, I love the chirping noise they make. DP is Star Wars mad and thinks they sound like porgs grin

Those of you with indoor cats, how do you stop door darting? Because she’s only ever been an indoor cat, I’m hoping she won’t be bothered, but we’re v v close to a main road and I worry about it a lot, especially in the early days if she takes time to settle and doesn’t trust us enough to allow herself to be caught/come back when called...

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rupertpenryswife Thu 07-Jun-18 18:53:48

I have a 15 week female mc and my word do I know I have her, I can relate to others she chirrups, she follows me everywhere and watches everything, she is beautiful and always with me. My mc climbs the curtains the trampoline net and the blinds, she fetches toys and licks my face in the middle of the night.

I love mc and wished I had got one earlier but they are very unique and large cats. Sorry about the poor pics it's all I have on my phone.

rupertpenryswife Thu 07-Jun-18 18:57:55

My mc is indoor I allow her outside when we are outside, with regards to doors/Windows it's tricky I have flatcats on the upstairs Windows so we can open them although she does climb them 😂. With doors we just have to know where she is and not open doors until we have her, I do lock her in our bedroom so we can open doors etc at times.

Good luck, you need to report back with photos.

MoltenLight Thu 07-Jun-18 20:22:40

This is the best photo I have so far from the breeder, she looks massive already! I’m considering harness training so we can take her to the park, but I worry about off-lead dogs. Both my parents and ILs have massive gardens though so I might harness train and let her play out in their gardens on a long lead if she travels well and won’t mind the short drive over!

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Bridechilla Thu 07-Jun-18 22:16:06

😍 what's her name? If she's indoor I'd recommend a solid extortianate cat tree, so she can overlook her kingdom get up high. We've got this beast:

PsychedelicSheep Thu 07-Jun-18 23:10:46

I've had mine a few months now, I rehomed her as an adult. She's absolutely amazing and DP and I are besotted 😍

She follows you around, wants to be seeing what you're doing all the time. Not a lap cat but will lie next to me and snuggle in ☺️

She greets us at the door every day and also does that thing where she flops down wanting rubs, usually somewhere inconvenient and uncomfortable!

She's a chatty girl and makes some great noises. Fluff everywhere is a bit of a ball ache but nothing regular brushing (and hoovering) doesn't sort out. She's not particularly long haired for a MC anyway.

She'd never been out before she came to me and I am wary of her going out anywhere but the garden but she has started to want to explore so I let her sometimes but when she's hungry so she comes back quickly!

I'm hoping to get a harness for her soon and take her away camping with us, I think she'll be fine as she's very chilled and confident.

I'm so glad I got her, she's the best.

PsychedelicSheep Thu 07-Jun-18 23:12:03

Here's Ivy smile

StillMedusa Sat 09-Jun-18 01:47:14

I have two, currently, and my previous MC boy was THE love of my life. He slept every night with his paws round my neck and I will miss him til the day I see him at the Rainbow Bridge! He was the soppiest most ridiculous animal ever who spread himself over everyone who walked in the house. He was love in a fur coat.

My current Coons...
Girl Cat (Ophelia) is a darling. VERY talkative..we can have a full conversation with her! She shouts for attention, shouts when she wants a lap or for us to smooth her favourite fleece (has one on each sofa). She is cuddly and affectionate, a demon hunter (mine do go out) and she sulks if DD2, her favourite person goes away for more than a day!

Boy cat, a bit of a legend on here I'm afraid, for all the wrong reasons!
Obie (Oberon) is a huge ginger MC who refuses to be groomed and has to be shaved twice a year, revealing his swinging fat belly to the world! He is utterly unfaithful, and spends 75% of his time 5 doors down at Thelma's... a retired little Thai lady who hand feeds him lamb shank on her chaise longue! He pops home every few days for a nap and a kip and then buggers off again! He is magnificent to look at as he is huge and very very ginger! He also visits other houses, whether he is welcomed or not!!!
Here are ..Obie (with my brother..not looking
Ophie, washing my DS1 after he returned from a year away in Australia... think she wanted him to smell of home again!
Morph... my beautiful boy

Puffycat Sat 09-Jun-18 01:54:42

Best cats ever!

Puffycat Sat 09-Jun-18 01:57:15

My Maine Coon has been an outdoor cat all her life (15)

Puffycat Sat 09-Jun-18 01:58:23

That’s more like it!

Puffycat Sat 09-Jun-18 01:58:52

She yawns a lot

Bridechilla Sat 09-Jun-18 13:19:14

Obie is my spirit animal StillMedusa grin

ScreamingValenta Sat 09-Jun-18 13:26:10

Just joining the thread to revel in all these lovely pictures. @StillMedusa Obie is astounding!

ocelot41 Sat 09-Jun-18 13:33:31

This is my lovely girl Georgia. We adopted her this time last year. She's a really sweet, gentle, good natured soul - very affectionate but undemanding - she just loves to be near you. She's a dear friend who knows when one of her family is poorly and comes to comfort. When in the mood, she gazes in my eyes, whirrips softly and gives me cat kisses (slow blinks). She is mainly a house cat but goes out on a lead in the garden a couple of times a day.

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