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Possible new black "kitten". Squeeee!

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pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:02:53

I say "kitten" because he's about six months old. The photos were taken when he was about four months old I think.

His foster mum is bringing him here tomorrow morning (morning here at the moment - I'm in NZ) for us to see him. He was rescued along with his mum and six siblings after they were dumped. sad

I haven't seen him in "person" yet but I think he's gorgeous! I love black cats! She said he's an absolute delight and "mad". I love the "mad" bit because a crazy kitty running around might cheer us up a bit. We're heartbroken at the moment because one of our other cats died in sad circumstances.

We have three at the moment - Muffin, Romeo and Tybalt. I got Tybalt from the same small cat rescue group. He is also black, but fluffy and small. He labours under the delusion that he's a proper cat. He's not. grin

No idea what I'm going to call this darling. He'll probably be known as "kitty" until we can think of something.

I don't know how big he will grow. I hope he grows to be very big, because I once had two huge black cats that I rescued when they were grown and semi-feral and they were the most wonderful cats. Not that it really matters!

Els1e Sun 03-Jun-18 22:14:56

He is very handsome. If you wanted to stay with the Shakespeare based names, how about Oberon. Obi for short. Or Puck.

Rainboho Sun 03-Jun-18 22:17:13

Yes definitely Puck!

ipswichwitch Sun 03-Jun-18 22:19:46

He’s adorable. I love black cats - we have one called Loki but it’s a girl! Seems I know naff all about sexing cats 😂

ipswichwitch Sun 03-Jun-18 22:21:03

Here she is in her favourite spot

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:26:43

Ooh I rather like Puck. I was thinking of Mercutio but it's a bit of a mouthful! grin

Ah she's beautiful ipswichwitch! I'm hopeless at sexing cats too despite having had cats all my life!

MmeSzyszkoBohusz Sun 03-Jun-18 22:29:53

Black cats are amazing! We’ve just adopted Stanley, who is 5 months old and very playful ☺️

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:33:47

They are indeed amazing! Pleased to hear that Stanley is very playful! grin

This little group seems to have had an influx of abandoned black kittens. It's so sad because apparently black cats are hard to find homes for. It was impossible for me to pick one so I just went for the oldest one.

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:34:39

Oh I didn't see Stanley's photo before I posted. He's beautiful!

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:35:55

I bet Stanley's a real rascal! 😂

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 03-Jun-18 22:40:11

OP - enjoy you new black kitten - he's very sweet grin. We weren't looking specifically for two black kittens but when Battersea called we thought it would be rude to say no.
There do seem to be black cats everywhere in the house now though.

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:40:59

I have to go and do some work now. Any more name suggestions for a black male cat would be much appreciated. No more than two or three syllables please because I seem to spend half my life calling the little fuckers darlings in! 😂

pinkgirl1234 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:41:53

That's fabulous Grumpyoldpersonwithcats! grin

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 03-Jun-18 23:28:22

If you fancy a Shakespearian name.
Pick is fabulous, or Fang (. Henry 4th part 2).
He looks lovely and 6 months is still a listen in my book!

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 03-Jun-18 23:28:55

Puck. Puck. Damn you autocorrect..

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 03-Jun-18 23:29:32

And Cinna not cinnamon

ScreamingValenta Sun 03-Jun-18 23:32:50

Squeee! Absolutely beautiful.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sun 03-Jun-18 23:42:34

He is gorgeous - as are all the others pictured.

Els1e Mon 04-Jun-18 08:14:37

Just imagining you yelling Fuck Puck. 😂😂

ipswichwitch Mon 04-Jun-18 08:43:32

I really wanted a witchy name for ours - Salem would have been great, but DH vetoed it hmm DC wanted to call her Batman grin

pinkgirl1234 Mon 04-Jun-18 11:26:16

Just imagining you yelling Fuck Puck. 😂😂

😂 I know! I asked my mum (who I live with) what she thought of Puck for new kitty's name. She said "What?!" I said "PUCK!" She looked aghast and said "That sounds too much like that word you use far too much!" 😂

I'm rather taken with Oberon though. And, as you said, Obi for short. I couldn't feel like any more of a twat calling out "Oberon, Oberon" at night than I do now calling for Tybalt! 😂

Thanks for all the suggestions and the lovely comments everyone.

The lady will be here with him early in the morning so I'm off to bed now. I can't wait to see him.

Salem would have been fab for your girl, ipswichwitch! Especially with your username! Batman not so much. 😂 I do like Loki though. I think it works for a boy or girl. That's such an adorable picture of her resting her chin on her "perch"!

al88 Mon 04-Jun-18 19:35:11

This is our lovely black kitten, Salem. He's 5 months next week.
Other contenders for his name were Sirius Black and Darth Vader

Toddlerteaplease Tue 05-Jun-18 10:26:08


pinkgirl1234 Wed 13-Jun-18 03:56:04

Hi everyone. Sorry for lack of update. I got kitty then got sick.

Symptoms: Coughing, sore throat, total exhaustion, depression, generally feeling crap and extreme self-pity grin

Kitty is an absolute sweetheart though. He's very slinky and looks blacker than in the photos - if that makes sense!

He's the spitting image of @al88 's kitten in that delightful photo.

Having an absolute lunatic tearing around the place when you're sick is such fun! hmm grin

As is keeping two litter trays cleaned out. How much piss and poo can one kitten produce?! grin

Els1e Wed 13-Jun-18 09:08:46

Ah, the joys of being a cat slave. Sounds like he’s found his home. So now you’ve got to know him, what name have you decided on?

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