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Show me your torties

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Mummyoftwo91 Sat 02-Jun-18 17:38:06

This is mine, she's magnificent grin

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Murinae Sat 02-Jun-18 17:41:53

Here’s mine

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 02-Jun-18 17:45:36

Our very naughty tortie

ScreamingValenta Sat 02-Jun-18 17:53:07

Mine is a Torbie (tabby/tortoiseshell) - does she count grin

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 02-Jun-18 17:55:56

I like torbie, sounds exotic

Wolfiefan Sat 02-Jun-18 18:01:15

We have two. Buggers the pair of them! Great fun though.

RebeccaJane12 Sat 02-Jun-18 18:03:50

Our new addition coming soon 😻

Murinae Sat 02-Jun-18 18:11:54

Mine is naughty too

Murinae Sat 02-Jun-18 18:13:22

And she loves opening bins and running off with the packaging

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 02-Jun-18 18:17:58

The sadly rehomef, but now much happier, Shitten.

ScreamingValenta Sat 02-Jun-18 18:22:47

Murinae I can see who that soured cream really belongs to!

esk1mo Sat 02-Jun-18 18:32:03

my sleeping diva tortie smile

viccat Sat 02-Jun-18 18:35:46

My little tripod tortie (she's a bit bigger now than in this photo but not much)

BiggerBoat1 Sat 02-Jun-18 18:53:47

I love this thread. They're all gorgeous.

Here's mine taking a selfie!

She's got quite a lot of attitude!

ScreamingValenta Sat 02-Jun-18 18:54:45

BiggerBoat1 She's fabulous! What a wonderful expression.

Knitjob Sat 02-Jun-18 19:13:26

I got up and took my photo before I realised this post was in the litter tray 😁

Our cat is white so doesn't qualify either

FrogCow Sat 02-Jun-18 19:13:38

She came home today from the rspca

ElfrideSwancourt Sat 02-Jun-18 19:26:29

Here's my very attitudy seal tortie point Siamese

ScreamingValenta Sat 02-Jun-18 19:29:29

Knitjob Your tortie is super gorgeous though!

chronicallyawesome Sat 02-Jun-18 19:33:42

Love the tortoise!!

My tortie (have NC'ed - previously Eliza...)

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 02-Jun-18 19:35:15

Still.a tortie though Knitjob, it qualifies!

Littletreefrog Sat 02-Jun-18 19:40:35

I've never really known what a tortie is. Do mine count?

EightiesHairdo Sat 02-Jun-18 19:44:18

Little bundle of mischief but very sweet as well.

Great thread

esk1mo Sat 02-Jun-18 20:29:41

oh FrogCow she’s lovely! hope she settles in wellsmile

Tuttytoffee Sat 02-Jun-18 20:36:15

Tink, such a moody cow

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