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Can cats just have off days???!

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VogueVVague Fri 01-Jun-18 10:30:15

Someone please reassure me.

There's a small chance one of my cats ate a small amount of chives yesterday.

Normally she is a very needy, vocal, demanding and playful cat, always trying to get belly rubs and chattering away.

Today she has been pretty silent and seems a lot more lethargic.

I tried to get her to play with a shoelace and she did but not with much gusto.

Shes still jumping on the window sill to look outside, heading outside, moving about and eating (she also gave a little meow when i opened some tuna) but her facial expression just looks a bit more depressed abd shes just less engaged and vocal. When i stroke her she doesnt loll around as usual, just sits there.

I called the vet and they said just to keep an eye on her and only bring her in if other symptoms appear.

Can cats just have off days? :-/

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Fluffycloudland77 Fri 01-Jun-18 10:54:20

Not really, it's not like they have much to be depressed about.

I'd watch her like a hawk for the next few days. Ours ate red berries as a youngster and vomited repeatedly, then spent the rest of the night looking like a cat with tummy ache. The next day he was fine. He also tried to eat the same berries again and I was out pruning at 7am.

Bubblesblue Fri 01-Jun-18 11:14:09

I think they can, one of mine does. However, lethargy can be a sign of dehydration. Do you know how much she's been drinking? Good thing to call the vet and also good you can keep an eye on her.

Want2beme Fri 01-Jun-18 11:16:42

In my experience, yes they do have off days. One of mine had a very off day last week and I was contemplating taking her to the vet. I wasn't aware of anything having happened to her or her having eaten something she shouldn't have. Her behaviour was just like yours. I kept an eye on her all day and by eveningtime she was back to her old self, in and out of the cat flap keeping any eye on things and full of chat.

Just see how she goes, as the vet said and hopefully she'll be back to her old self later on today smile

VogueVVague Fri 01-Jun-18 11:33:12

Thanks guys shes currently under the bed and looking quite out of it. Having said that my other one (who is fine) is also half napping atm and in knocked out mode so hopefully its just nap time....

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Bubblesblue Fri 01-Jun-18 16:37:23

How's she doing OP?

VogueVVague Fri 01-Jun-18 19:55:47

This afternoon i couldn't stand it any longer so took her to vet.

Vet couldnt see anything wrong and said if it had been the chives she would expect vomiting. She said her temperature was maybe a little high and have her a jab to bring it down. Said she could feel a little liquid in the intestine so gave me some stomach upset medicine to give her.

I just gave her the medicine, shes still listless.

Vet said to monitor for a few days more abd if no improvement she would do bloods 😣

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VogueVVague Fri 01-Jun-18 19:56:51

She did drink for the first time today though which i suppose is heartening

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DryHeave Fri 01-Jun-18 19:57:54

It is very humid and muggy. Maybe that’s part of it?

VogueVVague Fri 01-Jun-18 21:09:16

Maybe...shes a semi long haired moggie...i would have thought thr vet would have mentioned that though.

Vet said its possible shes just having a day where she feels bad like humans can.

I feel so sad for her, she basically looks like shes stoned. Her little face looks so sad

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VogueVVague Sat 02-Jun-18 09:14:15

Update: she seems lots better today, eating and talking, but still looks slightly dozy at times. Id say shes at 80% of her usual self!

Last night i gave her tuna instead of her normal food to encourage eating and poured some tuna water in with her water to encourage drinking

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TerfsUp Sat 02-Jun-18 09:18:52

Hope your cat is feeling better soon, OP. She looks lovely.

My cat sometimes has off days. It may be that he is secretly a genius who has a solution to a heretofore unsolvable mathematical theorem but is unable to express this and so becomes depressed; but the more likely suggestion is that, just like humans, he just sometimes has a low energy day.

Wolfiefan Sat 02-Jun-18 09:22:43

Oh she's gorgeous. Hope she's totally better soon.

Want2beme Sat 02-Jun-18 09:41:45

What a lovely girl. She'll have a better day today smile

Bubblesblue Sun 03-Jun-18 17:41:35

What a gorgeous girl! Glad to hear she's doing better smile

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