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My darling girl was killed last night

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meala Sun 27-May-18 09:11:19

My beautiful wee girl was hit by a car and killed last night. They didn't even stop. We've just buried her in the garden. I'm going to miss her so much, she was my wee furry pal. I just feel lost without her.

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QOD Sun 27-May-18 09:12:34

I’m so sorry 🍫💔

SuburbanRhonda Sun 27-May-18 09:12:50

I’m so sorry - she is beautiful flowers

meala Sun 27-May-18 09:18:35

She was so tiny and petite and sweet. She gave a paw to get sweets and had the cutest wee cheeks that puffed out when she was playing with her toys. She loved catnip and would search the house to try and find the bag and rip it open. I'm sitting here in floods of tears. My wee Molly 🙁

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Squeegle Sun 27-May-18 09:19:13

I’m sorry, that is so sad. flowers

MrsMozart Sun 27-May-18 09:19:24

I'm so very sorry.

A beautiful girl.


Alienspaceship Sun 27-May-18 09:20:26

Im so sorry. Beautiful girl flowers

LampHat Sun 27-May-18 09:21:31

sad So sorry. She was beautiful. And very lucky to be so loved. flowers

Glowbug59 Sun 27-May-18 09:21:35

flowers so sorry

tierraJ Sun 27-May-18 09:24:25

Sorry to hear, it's horrible when a pet dies xx

meala Sun 27-May-18 09:24:42

Feels like people in rl would think i was ridiculous for being so upset. How could people just drive away and leave her. I only found out cos someone posted on Facebook saying they'd found a cat knocked down and had moved her to the side of the road and did anyone miss a cat. She was still warm when we found her. Why didn't they try to help her rather than just moving her? It might have been too late anyway but maybe not.

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letallthechildrenboogie Sun 27-May-18 09:25:04

So sorry. We have been there too. Thinking of you.

ChishandFips33 Sun 27-May-18 09:25:24

So sorry to hear this, it's heartbreaking when we lose them flowers

ForgiveMeFatherForIHaveGinned Sun 27-May-18 09:30:44

So sorry for your loss, it’s just heartbreaking. I’m sure people wouldn’t think you ridiculous, definitely not people on here! Cats become such an important part of the family.

meala Sun 27-May-18 09:32:25

Kids are devastated. DH is having to go to work now and he's upset too. She was so lovely

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ohnonotanothernewbie Sun 27-May-18 09:48:34

Really sorry for your sad news thanks
Your girl was lucky to be so loved by you all

scurryfunge Sun 27-May-18 09:50:29


MrsHathaway Sun 27-May-18 09:51:41

I'm so sorry to hear this. What a devastating loss.

I am glad, though, that you were able to bring her home and didn't just lose her forever with no explanation. She'll always be with you.

meala Sun 27-May-18 09:51:46

My wee darling

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BetterEatCheese Sun 27-May-18 09:52:50

So so sorry, she's beautiful. Sending love

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sun 27-May-18 09:54:39


TuTru Sun 27-May-18 09:55:02

Awww that’s very sad, I feel your pain. Xx

meala Sun 27-May-18 09:57:24

Thanks everyone. It helps to write it all down how much I loved her. I miss her

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recklessruby Sun 27-May-18 10:06:51

I m so sorry you have lost your girl.she s beautiful. No words but you're not alone. Same thing happened to my Ruby last September. We understand here. The litter tray was the only place I could feel supported as you are right about people not understanding pet loss.
I still have a cry about her sometimes and have made a memorial with all the red flowers I could as tribute.
Sending you love xxxflowers

meala Sun 27-May-18 10:10:58

Aww Ruby. Thanks for that. We only moved here 10 months ago and had brought some cuttings of my favourite plants from our old garden. One was a bushy tree that molly loved climbing in and we've planted that in the ground where we've buried her along with an azalea because it is so pretty. I think I'll get a little plaque too. It just feels so unreal as it was so sudden. She'd normally be in by that time at night but we'd had visitors and she's shy so had darted out when the kids nipped in to the garden.

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