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Does Anyone Help Stray/Abandoned Cats?

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Mercurial123 Fri 18-May-18 19:48:33

If so do you have any ideas how to switch off? I've been working in the M.E. for years and have always tried to help abandoned cats or street cats by getting them spayed/neteured, feeding them and occasionally finding a home.

I'm having a really hard time at the moment I can't stop thinking about them and how hard their lives are. I'm collecting a beautiful Persian from the vets tomorrow who was dumped and left to fend for herself she's in a bad way. I can't take her in my cat is still feral after ten years and won't accept another cat I've tried it never works.

Feeling sad and depressed if anyone can help it will be appreciated. I have friends who do much more than me and they feel the same. TIA.

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Want2beme Fri 18-May-18 20:42:24

All of my cats have been strays. I've just counted and I've only had 7, 2 of which I had for 18 years and they lived until age 20. The others died fairly young. The most I've had at one time is 3 and for me that's enough. I've currently got 2 and don't want to have anymore than that. However, through the years I've taken in many strays that I managed to find homes for.

I'm currently feeding a stray who's in a bad way. I'm giving him a liquid antibiotic in his food. My aim is to gain his trust and get him to the vet to be neutered, but I'm not going to take him in. When I spoke to the vet about him, he said that it'd be best to let him continue to live as he's always done and not to contain him. He's fairly old and battered, poor thing. If stray cat decides to stay, I'll be ok with that, but he'll have to sleep in one of the outside buildings, as my cats won't have him in the house.

It sounds like you've done an awful lot to help and you shouldn't feel bad about taking a break from rescuing. There will always be people who will help, so why dont you let them and give yourself a break for a little while? You can always come back to it, if you feel strong enough in the future. It is very hard to switch off, we all know how that feels, but you can't help every cat on your own, there are just too many flowers

LanguidLobster Fri 18-May-18 20:48:31

It is horrible, if you take on a pet you should at least attempt to take care of it for its lifetime, although I know circumstances can change. It's heartwrenching to think of any pets abandoned, lonely and not fed.

But you're doing a brilliant job though and trying to make a difference. That's more than a lot of people do.

EnormousDormouse Fri 18-May-18 20:57:29

I'm in the ME too, it is heartbreaking. Cats are 'vermin' (unless they are Turkish Angora, who are used as breeding machines then chucked in the streets).
I neuter a couple a month, feed my local bin cats and contribute to the local rescue groups. There's no animal charities here so it's just a load of individuals doing their best. I recently picked up a limping cat - it had a broken leg and the vets bills were around £800. But once I'd picked it up I just couldn't have it euthanised.
Where I live is one of the most progressive, easy-going states but the cruelty to animals (police regularly shoot the wadi dogs) is awful.
So I empathise and wish I had the answer, but no, I don't know a way to make it stop.

viccat Fri 18-May-18 23:21:02

I read a quote earlier that said "Animal welfare is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon". It does feel like that sometimes... Apparently there are about 9 million stray and feral cats in the UK.

I'm a volunteer at a cat charity and some of the stories I hear are awful and make me so angry with people. The Kitten Lady has a video somewhere of why self care is so important for animal advocates - you can't pour from an empty cup.

I'll stop with the metaphors now but yeah, you're not alone - and you are making a difference.

Mercurial123 Sat 19-May-18 07:13:18

Want2beme thank you I should remember there are others out there to help. I've found a couple of people who were feeding the Persian cat so she will have food and a bit of love. Good luck with your stray hope he gets better. There's something about feral cats I love. Of course I love all costs but feels are a bit special once you get their trust.

Languid thank you, there's not much excuse for people dumping their pets people are very well paid to them they are just disposable when the novelty wears off.

Enormous it's awful isn't it? You are doing amazing work but it never gets easier.....

Viccat thank you I didn't realise it was so bad in the UK. I'll look out for the Kitten Lady. I want to volunteer when I move back home.

Thanks everyone you've been a great help. I got a bit emotional reading responses.

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