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I'm saying goodbye

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ifonly4 Fri 11-May-18 09:34:53

I'm having my lovely girl put to sleep this morning. She has dementia, has limited hearing and sight. Week by week it's getting harder to watch her struggle, this week she can no longer find the cat flap or her food which she clearly is trying to do and that shows me there's still something there, but it's been heart breaking to watch her.

She was the one you shouldn't chose as she was so nervous, but ended up being most placid home loving cat and loved a lap in her time. She's called Lottie and over 18.5 years old.

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Rudgie47 Fri 11-May-18 09:39:10

I'm sorry that sounds really hard for you. 18.5 is a good age though.Take care.

IJustHadToNameChange Fri 11-May-18 09:41:04


MrsMozart Fri 11-May-18 09:45:03

I'm sorry flowers

Furano Fri 11-May-18 09:54:53

So sad, but you are doing the right thing - a final act of love.
Give her a nice stroke and a kiss. Sorry :-(

chemenger Fri 11-May-18 09:57:38

I've been there, its so hard but you are doing the right thing. She's had a great life and a long one, now there is only one last kind thing to do.

ifonly4 Fri 11-May-18 10:32:24

Thank you. She's pacing around at the moment, am going to see if she wants one last meal/snack.

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Want2beme Fri 11-May-18 10:52:05

So sorry you're going through this. We all understand the heartbreak involved. Lottie sounds lovely. Let us know how you are doing. Thinking of you and your Dcatflowers

LoislovesStewie Fri 11-May-18 10:56:10

I am sorry for you, my 22 year old cat passed away peacefully in her sleep recently. She was really frail at the end but I am pleased that she went that way. Just try to think of the joy she gave you and all the love.

FatBallsAndSunflowerSeeds Fri 11-May-18 11:38:53

So so sorry. It sounds like you love her very much and she would have known that throughout her long life. I had so much support on my thread here this week after my girl was pts, there is some wonderful advice on there - 'what helps when your cat dies'. x

ifonly4 Fri 11-May-18 16:36:51

Thank you for your kind wishes and support - it helps knowing there are others out there that understand/are so kind.

She went very quickly this morning and looked so pretty on looking back at her one final time (to me). DH works long hours and does voluntary work but has taken the afternoon off, so that helps.

When we lost her brother I found the hardest time was coming down the next morning or coming back to the house and it being so empty.

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Want2beme Fri 11-May-18 17:58:43

It's such a hard thing to do, but also the best for her. We miss them terribly when hey're gone. They're such wonderful little creatures flowers

Tiredmum100 Fri 11-May-18 18:02:50

Aww bless. What a good age she lived too. I know how sad it is to loose a much loved cat. X

Beaverhausen Fri 11-May-18 18:03:39

Awww so sorry for your loss, Run free little Lottie. sad No doubt she will always be with you, a pet never leaves the people they loved. xx

YeahILoveSummer Fri 11-May-18 22:54:45

So sorry for the loss of your previous lady. She sounds like she was a lovely cat. She had made the journey over to Rainbow Bridge thanks

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