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Putting cat blankets in the washing machine!

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Sunshine49 Tue 24-Apr-18 10:15:51

Hi everyone!

Ok, this is probably a really silly question, but I just wanted to double-check. I have two cat blankets that are machine-washable, according to the labels. It's time I gave them a wash as they've become a bit stinky! Both blankets are covered in cat hairs as my cats use them to sleep on.

My question is, if I put them in the washing machine, will the hairs just wash away or will they get trapped in the machine and end up on my laundry when I do the next wash?


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thecatneuterer Tue 24-Apr-18 10:53:59

Many will stick on the blanket, but often they form little hair balls that you can pull off. Some will stick in the machine filter, so you may need to clean the filter more often if you wash a lot of hairy things (and I should know!), some will wash down the drain and collect on your outside drain cover, and a few will stay in the drum.

So, after washing, rinse the drum with a jug of water. All the hair will then collect at the bottom in one place and you can remove it.

eljay2 Tue 24-Apr-18 10:56:43

Once they're washed they will still have lots of hairs on them. The tumble dryer on low for 20 minutes is easiest way to get these off.

LostPlatypus Tue 24-Apr-18 11:00:06

If the blankets are anything like mine, a lot of the cat fur will stay on the blankets and some will end up in the machine (in my machine it's around the seal so I just have to wipe it after washing cat stuff).

You could always run a quick empty wash afterwards to make sure you've got everything if you're going to wash something afterwards that needs to stay 100% cat fur free. (I usually get around it by washing stuff like bedding that already has a bit of cat fur on so it doesn't massively matter if there's still a bit of fur left - usually there isn't I just like to make sure.)

BoundByBriars Tue 24-Apr-18 11:06:16

I was going to post about this the other day!

I like to wash my cat blankets weekly but when they're done, the machine is basically lined in cat fur that I have to wipe out.

I found there's a product called Vamoosh that you wash the blankets with and it is supposed to dissolve the hair. I haven't tried it yet but I think it says you need to wash them at a high temp and I prefer to wash mine at a low because they are handmade by my mum (bless!). So I am going to try and do the pet wash before the weekly hot maintenance wash and see if that helps first.

TheLongRider Tue 24-Apr-18 11:10:29

You can try and remove some of the cat hair before washing. Put on rubber gloves and run them over the blanket and they will collect a lot of the cat hair. A damp hand or a lint roller will pick up smaller amounts.

Sunshine49 Tue 24-Apr-18 11:35:42

Thanks for the tips everyone - I will look into all of these!

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Mumtothelittlefella Tue 24-Apr-18 11:38:53

I wash my dogs beds weekly. After I give the machine a hoover and then pop it on a short wash. It’s a pain and I’m sure the neighbours must think I’m daft 😆

ToadOfSadness Tue 24-Apr-18 20:07:18

Mine would moult and stick to the seal on the door, also found little clumps in the seal. I used to run a quick wash afterwards.

I have rubber brushes to remove what was left, it comes off more easily when it is damp.

My little one spent her life with me sleeping, cuddling and moulting, it was her life's work.

Prestonsflowers Tue 24-Apr-18 20:09:26

You can buy special fabric bags to put the blankets in before you wash them. The hairs stick to the bag, I bought 2 from Amazon for my dogs blankets

TCforTopCat Tue 24-Apr-18 20:24:18

Prestonsflowers, thank you so much.
This is exactly what I need.

Sunshine49 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:33:24

Prestonsflowers that is brilliant - thank you! Love this forum!

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Itsallpropaganda Tue 24-Apr-18 20:33:53

You can buy a wash bag off amazon to stop the hairs clogging up your machine...that's not going to get rid of the hairs off the blankets tho. I'd probably go over with a lint roller first then wash them in a wash bag.

scaryteacher Wed 25-Apr-18 10:17:17

Sounds daft, but I use a rubber cat brush to de hair the blankets before I put them in the wash. I am effectively grooming their fleeced, but it works!!

Busymumto2girls Thu 10-May-18 16:04:17

The only way i've found to get rid of pet hairs on my dog's blankets/towels etc is using Vamoosh too. It dissolves the hair in the washing machine. I normally buy mine at Pets at Home but you can get it on amazon too I think.

Furano Fri 11-May-18 10:10:50

@Prestonsflowers I didn't know that existed! I have just ordered one. Thanks!

Furano Fri 11-May-18 10:12:14

@Busymumto2girls I have also ordered some vamoosh, thanks!

Els1e Sat 12-May-18 08:40:23

I use an old cotton pillowcase as a wash bag.

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