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The holidays dilemma

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laperadeigatti Sun 22-Apr-18 21:14:00

We adopted 2 gorgeous kittens, will be 12 weeks on Thursday, I am totally besotted with both and so are my DH and DD....but we are now not sure we can get separated from them for our upcoming holidays (July 2 weeks and August 1 week).....originally I thought we would advertise locally for some young teen to get to our and earn some pocket money, but now the idea of leaving them alone (apart from feeding times twice a day) breaks me apart....they are so lovely and cuddly that I don't think I can bear leaving them so was looking into the Longcroft cat hotel chain....anyone able to share their experiences? Or to mention suitable alternatives we have not considered? No family around to take care of them and neighbour would not be able to commit for two weeks twice daily...

SpaghettiDinner Sun 22-Apr-18 21:22:54

I could have written this post. My kittens are the same age and we are away this summer.

My experience with catteries in the past hasn't been good and I think it would be more disruptive for them to be taken from my house than it will be to be without their humans.

My old cats had a pet sitter who came to the house after poor experiences with catteries but I she only stays for 15 minutes once a day which isn't enough for my kittens.

I think I've decided to use a university student I know who will be home but pay her for two hours a day so she comes over twice a day and spends some time playing with them and making a fuss of them.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 22-Apr-18 21:37:24

I’ve had positive cattery expieriences.. I like to know he’s in a locked penn and not out gallivanting.

Mine gets lonely if we’re away and despite locating other cats settles well.

Vinorosso74 Sun 22-Apr-18 21:55:21

We adopted a young lad in January and have just booked him in the cattery at the back of our vets for two week long stays over the summer. Part of me knows they'll look after him just fine but he is an active youngster so I worry he may get bored but at least he's safe.
I didn't worry as much with our old girl as she needed medication so couldn't ask neighbour and vet care was there if needed.
There are cat sitters-look on Trusted Housesitters or Cat in a Flat along with local ones. Often vet nurses cat sit. I would keep them indoors whilst you're away though.
That said I'm not sure about stranger's coming in so cattery seems a good bet.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 23-Apr-18 06:57:45

I was adamant that my two wouldn't go to a cattery. But health issues mean they have too. I found a really good one and they are quite happy. They also take lovely pictures of them!

Toddlerteaplease Mon 23-Apr-18 07:05:18

Just looked up the Longcroft hotels. How expensive?!!!!!
Seriously don't waste your money. Find a normal cattery and they'll be fine. Shop around a bit more!

Mistoffelees Mon 23-Apr-18 07:17:24

Do they go outside? We used to get family and friends to come for our cat but I always worried about what would happen if he didn't come home at night and would be slightly on edge until they sent me a message to let me know he was ok. Then we moved house and don't have as many people close by so have started using a cattery, I'm so much more relaxed because I know he's safe, got someone going in to him twice a day having a bit of a play and fuss if he wants and they have a courtyard in the middle of all the pens where they keep some sort of small ground birds and he loves watching them.

JackieReacher Mon 23-Apr-18 07:26:14

Cats don't like being moved - it will be better for them to remain on home turf. Realistically how much human contact do you think they'll get in a chattery? Two proper visits a day from a local teen will probably be more than they'd get in a cattery

Allergictoironing Mon 23-Apr-18 07:41:19

As there are 2 of them, they should keep each other entertained & be good company for each other if you decide to get a cat sitter in rather than them go to a cattery.

laperadeigatti Thu 26-Apr-18 20:59:58

If you want to have a laugh...longcroft hotels all booked for my holiday period and actually people have already booked them for 2019! They must be hell good but seriously??? Found other catteries around our town so going to enquiry but also looking into vet nurses (they would even do live in which I do not mind as long as they don't do parties) and at last one lady we use for babysitting our dd shock

Toddlerteaplease Thu 26-Apr-18 22:33:30

My cattery spend loads of time with my cats. I got a written report of what they'd done with them. And they take loads of photos.

viccat Thu 26-Apr-18 22:40:15

6 months is fairly young to leave alone with short visits, it's easier with adult cats. Kittens that age can still get into all kinds of trouble when bored or unsupervised so a cattery or a live-in cat sitter is probably best.

For adult cats I think staying at home is better rather than going to an unfamiliar environment. It is however always safer to not allow any outdoor access while you are on holiday as they are much more likely to stray and find a home elsewhere if you are away, and it is also more risky if anything happens (i.e. injuries), as well as the uncertainty of the cat sitter not necessarily seeing them daily if they are out when the visit takes place.

chronofix Fri 27-Apr-18 04:31:14

I used a live in sitter at this age, worked great. Found an agency online.

flumpybear Fri 27-Apr-18 04:35:18

We hire a pet sitter who visits once or twice a day for food and litter, plus sorting the rest of our pets too .... much prefer this option as they're in their home - cats sleep loads they won't notice ! Perhaps you can leave a radio on? I never bother

comfortandjoy Fri 27-Apr-18 06:45:09

There’s a website called Housesitters UK
There are pet lovers ( with reviews ) who will stay in your home for free. They’re often retired people and provide refs.
I’m looking at the Kiwi version of the site for our holiday this year. I think a cat’s environment is important , all the smells etc. I can’t bear thinking of mine in an unfamiliar place so am hoping to get a live in sitter.

MiniLeopardInTheHouse Sun 29-Apr-18 19:26:34

Years ago I had to find a cattery urgently for my 3 cats and, (with the benefit of hindsight and a few more years' experience under my belt), I now know I didn't check it out enough beforehand. I'm convinced they picked up quite a serious infection there, and I eventually lost all 3 because of it. It closed down/was closed down not long afterwards.

Fast forward a few years, (of avoiding catteries at all costs), and with great trepidation, I found an absolutely fantastic small local independent cattery. Run by a true cat lover, and with excellent hygiene standards. We tried our boy for very short weekend stays, and built him up to longer. Unfortunately he would never settle, stayed stressed, very noisy and lost weight each time. This was despite the cattery's very best efforts, I hasten to add. All the other guests seemed perfectly content.

The reasons?
Being in close proximity to other cats, (likes dogs, doesn't like other cats)
Limited human company, (he's a people person. The cattery owner said he was fine whenever staff were with him, but they couldn't be with him all the time, obviously!)
Past experiences, (he thought he was being abandoned again).

For various reasons we can't have a pet sitter, so our solution since has been to take him on holiday with us! We stay in the UK in a pet-friendly holiday cottage. Usually he's the only cat they've ever had - always dogs, once a parrot! Apart from the car journey the first couple of times, he now absolutely loves it. The car is a bit more packed with scratching pole, litter tray, bed and bowls etc however - not much room for us humans and our stuff! As soon as he's been fed, had a scratch, a wee, and a thorough sniff/zoom around he's settled in.

I know this wouldn't suit many cats, but it suits him. He just wants to be where his family are, I think - we've been a long time coming, poor chap. His other joy is watching seagulls and horses from his new vantage points! It is a bit of a hassle in some ways to be perfectly frank, but on balance it works for us.

laperadeigatti Tue 22-May-18 12:38:04

Thanks all, we are trying a cat sitter for this bank holiday weekend- she is a student vet nurse who is training at our vet and live locally, she will house sit! She was lovely when we met her and pet sit locally so hopefully we found a solution for our kittens (who are growing massively but still love so much cuddling)!

Cailleach1 Tue 22-May-18 13:58:39

We used to use a larger, but thought it was good, cattery for our old boy. We were very disappointed to see he had lost weight when we picked him up. We didn't know it but he had cancer of the mouth. They didn't seem to know he wasn't eating, though.

Fast forward and our two go to a very small cattery. The woman who runs it likes cats and tells us how they both get on when we leave them. Go small. Very small.

Cailleach1 Tue 22-May-18 13:59:24

Oh, see your update. It sounds very good.

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