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Kittens bite

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laperadeigatti Fri 13-Apr-18 22:53:16

My dd got bitten by one of our did break through the skin...that was 2 days I am super worried I should have taken her to the doctor...looks a bit red and swollen but nothing awful, it is painful if pressed but she has not been complaining about it....dh thinks I am insane to wanting to take a child to out of hours doctor for a bite with little swelling and no other symptoms....yet dr google has not helped!!!

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Weedsnseeds1 Fri 13-Apr-18 23:19:09

I would take to GP or walk in. Cat bites can be nasty if they puncture the skin.
Not the cat's fault, kittens are a bit bitey by nature, but they do have festering fangs, so a puncture bite should be monitored and treated if any sign of infection.

ScreamingValenta Fri 13-Apr-18 23:24:59

Agree with Weedsnseeds. My DH got bitten on the hand by my late cat the first time she met him (she was a very feisty lass) and he was given antibiotics and a tetanus booster by his GP - no symptoms, but his employer at the time insisted he should get it checked out.

DixieFlatline Sat 14-Apr-18 07:31:54

Agree with PPs, redness + swelling + pain is not good at all, I'd e

DixieFlatline Sat 14-Apr-18 07:32:28


I'd expect the hand to have ballooned by Monday, and having had a foot do similar, you don't want to let it get to that stage!

laperadeigatti Sat 14-Apr-18 18:12:01

Thanks for replies, she was seen in the minor injuries unit but as the bite was already few days old she was not given any antibiotics....just magnesium sulphate for bringing the pus out....I am glad we went but also little on the edge as she was not prescribed antibiotics....she is off camping with the grandparents so will need to rely on them to keep checking she is not getting temperature/vomit, thankfully nanny is an ex-nurse herself so fingers crossed she won't need anything at all! She is ok in herself not bothered at all by this bite only has a bit of a cold!

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ScreamingValenta Sat 14-Apr-18 18:39:36

Glad she is OK. I'm sure they'd have been able to see in the injuries unit if the wound had become seriously infected and her grandparents are forewarned if they notice anything unusual. Hope she has a great time camping after her unpleasant experience!

PussGirl Sat 14-Apr-18 19:38:55

Any animal bite that punctures the skin ought to be treated with antibiotics. Mouths are dirty.

That includes human bites, BTW smile

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