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My Kitten and Food

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Raven88 Thu 29-Mar-18 20:21:32

This is Raven she is 4 months old. What is the best food for kittens. I want to make sure she has the best start.

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viccat Thu 29-Mar-18 21:50:58

So gorgeous!
There are lots of recent threads about food. Basically any high protein, grain free food. Look on ZooPlus and elsewhere online for the best selection at the best prices. Some good brands are Nature's Menu, Lily's Kitchen, Thrive, Bozita, Applaws, Almo Nature, Orijen...

Cailleach1 Thu 29-Mar-18 22:01:24

Ours thrived on Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition Feline Pediatric Growth Dry. Light green bag. We got it at the vets. They had various wet pouches too. Once or twice a day. RC is expensive, but they loved it. We got substitute one in the supermarket when we ran out and they didn't eat as much at all.

They are one yo now, so we have to find another favourite.

ScreamingValenta Thu 29-Mar-18 22:03:21

What a beautiful kitten.

ppeatfruit Sat 31-Mar-18 15:55:05

She's 4 months so not so tiny. We love James Wellbeloved foods amazing quality, .And or raw turkey pieces with mashed peas or carrot, if you start them on veg. early they'll eat them later! Ours won't touch veg but they're adult and senior!

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