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Mine get to meet their auntie (my sister) tomorrow.

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EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 00:01:54

Crumbs im rubbish at entertaining especially last minute. She called at 1730 to say she has to be in London for the night and could she and my niece stay with me? In my litle flat with my two furbabies that have never actually met my family. Im very stressed and sister who has five real babies is allergic to cats and has warned me i better vacum properly!! Im on a course tomorrow i have to get up at 5 am to do house work! Chrst how am i going to explain my three litter trays??

Jst to say i love my sister and she is animal mad. Just not a fan of cats. Oh god i hope my girls perform accordingly. She will be telling everyone up north about them!

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LanguidLobster Thu 29-Mar-18 00:06:57

grin you have such a hectic life!

Just have a thorough talk to kitties beforehand and tell them to be on their most charming behaviour.

Madcatter Thu 29-Mar-18 00:14:26

She knows you have cats, has announced she's coming to stay at the last minute and has demanded you hoover properly hmm

Suppose kitties like their fur to be everywhere? It is their flat after all (they might deign to let you think it's yours). I think it's your sister who needs to charm the cats. grin

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 00:25:16

God whos going to be on the airbed? Will it even be an airbed when they get their claws into it? I think i will have to take her fir some london cocktaiks first. The 13 year old can wait outside with a bottle of pop amd a packet of crisp like we used to have to.

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LanguidLobster Thu 29-Mar-18 09:59:40

Have a lovely time smile

Madcatter is right actually, your sister should be at her most beguiling and deferential when introduced to the furry rulers of the realm.

You've made me miss the days when my parents went for a drink and brought us back a glass bottle of pop and packet of crisps now...

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 11:41:17

I just hope they haven’t left any presents in the litter tray for us first thing

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thecatneuterer Thu 29-Mar-18 11:46:40

That sounds stressful! Talking about leaving presents in the litter tray - mine seem to know when I'm about to have a visitor and always do the smelliest shit they have ever managed in their lives a few seconds before the visitor arrives. For extra bonus points they do it in the hall by the front door - presumably as some sort of talisman to ward off evil visitors. I swear they have extrasensory powers.

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 13:11:12

God she’s never been to my flat before and she’s sodding allergic. Im in Camden on a course so the poor sods would’ve been locked in all day.

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LanguidLobster Thu 29-Mar-18 13:15:31

I'd probably get her to wait outside for 5 mins whilst you get rid of the 'evidence'

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 13:23:58

I hope she doesn’t open the back door as see the line of cats waiting for me!!!!

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thecatneuterer Thu 29-Mar-18 13:33:18

Well she knows you have cats. If she's that allergic she needs to find somewhere else to stay.

LanguidLobster Thu 29-Mar-18 14:00:12

Don't OTC anti-allergies from chemists help?

QueenOfAccidentalDeathStares Thu 29-Mar-18 15:49:51

I have a friend who is allergic who asks to stay. I will vacuum, change the bedding, and try to keep the cat out of the spareroom. beyond that it is enter at your own risk !

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 29-Mar-18 15:57:06

I agree with TCN, I wouldn't be stressing about it! (Then again I'm an antisocial bugger and never have people to stay!)

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 15:58:42

Me too I hate real
People in my space!

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Want2beme Thu 29-Mar-18 16:16:18

You need to inject your DS & DN with antihistamine before they entergrin

LanguidLobster Thu 29-Mar-18 16:17:41

Yep I had a friend say she wanted to come and stay and my eyes widened in horror.

Anyway update on how your sister and her new (albeit slightly hairy) nieces get on.

EachandEveryone Thu 29-Mar-18 22:41:26

She’s in bed reading my niece is playing withthem. Sister not going out of her way to touch them but she hasn’t said anything mean!

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LanguidLobster Sat 31-Mar-18 15:10:23

Was it a lovely family reunion? And has you sis reversed opinion on cats?? (Obviously niece is smitten!)

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 31-Mar-18 20:07:55

How can you be animal mad but not like cats? It’s like eating italian but avoiding pasta.

EachandEveryone Sun 01-Apr-18 01:09:21

Oh they are dog people. It was lovely seeing them but she told me I’m over feeding them said there’s no need to keep calling them for yet more food. She didn’t touch them and told me a clearly favour one over the other!!!!! I have to say the nose drops I had in the bottom of my bag did Work for her do we know in future.

Bloody hell I was just telling her how I’d never seen a cat involved in an accident in my area and what happened? We were walking home along the path when she screamed and made me look away. It was a tabby that someone has moved to the path sad never in 15 years on my busy street in London have I seen that. I put it on the local Facebook but I will never know if anyone claimed him. I don’t even know if it was a car. I hope it was nothing sinister.

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