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Flea allergy and rescue cat

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tearsofrobertsmith Wed 28-Mar-18 16:07:33

The lady at the rescue commented on his size and said even though he was already neutered when he came to them she thought it must have been done much later in life due to his size. He’s a tank!

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tearsofrobertsmith Wed 28-Mar-18 15:51:57

Thanks for replying, that’s really reassuring to hear that the fur comes back fine. He’d still be beautiful to us but don’t want the other cats to laugh at him for having a bald backside! I’ve ordered some salmon oil on Amazon just now, apparently it’s wonder stuff for skin conditions. I have a great glove/brush thing too that my previous cat adored, it’s got tiny silicon nodules all over the glove so is very gentle but removes lots of old hair. I’ll have him shining like a conker in no time! If the rescue give the final go ahead tomorrow of course. It’s nerve wracking for sure.

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Vinorosso74 Wed 28-Mar-18 15:22:34

*keep on with.

No idea what happened there

Vinorosso74 Wed 28-Mar-18 15:21:43

Not me but our upstairs neighour had a cat with a flea allergy. She did have an injection at the vet a couple of times (not sure what).
The best way is flea prevention so keep until of the monthly flea treatment and you won't have the allergy problem. Her fur grew back just fine.
Hope all goes well with your youngest visiting. I have met some big male cats with the big heads and paws always the ex strays who were neutered late and usually super friendly!

tearsofrobertsmith Wed 28-Mar-18 14:39:52

Hello all, I started a thread two weeks ago to talk about the loss of our lovely cat who had been run over. I received wonderful support and advice on there. I would have added this next bit to that thread but I thought this title might get a few more replies.
I said two weeks ago that we’d wait before getting another cat. However, yesterday I saw on our SSPCA website that there was a black cat who had been a stray. He has a flea allergy and he’s lost a lot of fur on his hindquarters and back legs. He looks rather pathetic with his baldy bum. I went to see him myself this morning. He is possibly the most forward and affectionate cat I’ve ever met. He seems just desperate for fuss and attention, actually head butting the glass and rubbing his head against it to try to get to me. He let me pick him up, turned in my arms and head butted me soundly right on my nose whilst purring like a train. I was thrilled! The lady who works there says he really is outrageously affectionate. I spoke to my husband and older son before I visited. They are on board with rehoming him if the rescue accepts us. The rescue said today they are happy for us to have him but I have to bring my youngest child tomorrow so they can see how the cat reacts to her. They know nowt about him and want to be sure that the cat is not scared of little kids. So providing this visit goes well he’ll likely come home with us in the next couple of days. He is massive! Huge head and shoulders and bloody big feet! We used to half heartedly protest when our previous cat would sleep on our feet in bed at night. If this lad did that we’d know all about it. I couldn’t believe the weight of him when I picked him up.

My question is, have any of you had experience with a cat who has been in this kind of state with a flea allergy? He has been treated with Broadline. He has had his injections and will go back to them for his next one in a month. His missing fur is already growing in despite him only being there since the 7th March. He is shedding somewhat, he looks a real fright, poor guy. Would a fish oil supplement in his food be beneficial? Like salmon oil? Obviously we will be religious in keeping up with his treatments.

It’s a strange feeling, being excited about loving another cat when two weeks ago I couldn’t contemplate it at first. The guilt is still there but is lessened in knowing that it’s a rescue cat that we want to love. Any stories of flea allergies and fur loss would be very much appreciated. Thanks again all.

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