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Recommend medication for cat spraying

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cozietoesie Sat 31-Mar-18 00:23:16

PS - is there any chance of plugging in a Feliway (or whatever) close to the spot where he's marking? (EG - do you have a nearby socket?)

cozietoesie Wed 28-Mar-18 22:45:13

I'd agree with a possible behaviourist consult. With two other cats, a new baby and house renovations, he has a lot on his plate, mentally, and he sounds like a sensitive lad.

viccat Wed 28-Mar-18 10:13:35

Zylkene might help with stress, it's a supplement rather than a medication.

Maybe a Pet Remedy plug in?

Although with more deep rooted issues I'd talk to vet again, and probably even consider a cat behaviourist to help look at the home and how things could be adapted to be less stressful for him.

Catlady45 Wed 28-Mar-18 07:52:16

I think its because he doesnt like me directly giving it via syringe. Tried in his food but he turns his nose up at it. Im able to give feliways cystese that way but doesnt seem to have any effect

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 28-Mar-18 06:45:53

Our vets have offered to put our cat on amitryptiline if he gets one more urine infection.

There’s another drug they can use too, I think it’s a joint med that can line the bladder or something.

Why is he upset after having calmex?

Catlady45 Wed 28-Mar-18 06:17:21

Put a litter ttay in - he sems yo only use it when its cold out side. Its only him that uses it so no need for extras (we have 3 cats)

Catlady45 Wed 28-Mar-18 06:15:59

Yip. Just read it. Doing pretty mich evefything it advises. Been to vet though planning on taking another urine sample in today .

AnotherOriginalUsername Wed 28-Mar-18 06:08:33

Have a look on the International Cat Care website for recommendations on how to adapt the environment to reduce stress

Catlady45 Wed 28-Mar-18 05:54:49

Thos is my thought *cozie" hence tge reason im considering medication to try help..

Ive had him since he was a kitten and very much loved so i wamt to do eveeything i can to try help him.

He never appears stressed. Lazes all day and comes to me for cuddle,s but clearly he is.

Ive notice he sprays

* after a cat chase - playing and marking territory.

* if hes demanding fed but im unable to right that minute.

" this evening i believe it was after being given his calmex, which he hates.

* We heard another cat about the other night. Next moring, he gad sprayed twice.

Mainly marking territory/shiwing annoyance

cozietoesie Wed 28-Mar-18 05:46:23

It sounds as though he's very stressed?

catlady45 Wed 28-Mar-18 01:54:16

I've posted previously about problems with my male cat spraying. Hes been neutered and is 6 years old. Previously he dud this on one other occassion. Vet said it was down to struvite stones. Special diet given for 6 months. Cleared up peoblem straight away. Kept up diet of special dry - ultima urinary dry and returned to felix wet.

All ok for a year. Until new baby arrived. Also lots of house renovations .

Have resumed special diet

Course antibiotics

Feliway plugin and cystese capsules

Now trying calmex cat. This was prescribed to my othe cat as was always chasing and stalking. Worked wonders for her but still other cat sprays.

Now seems to be targeted at babys stuff. Going to have toock him out our bedroom permanently though im aware this may not help the issue.

Anyone any other ideas?

Someone recommended cbd oil. I can only see it in holland &barrat website but unsure of dosage.

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