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Dcat gone missing

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PunkrockerGirl59 Sun 25-Mar-18 12:22:23

My beautiful little cat Kenneth has been missing for 24 hours now. He never goes far so I'm beside myself with worry. I've put notes through all the neighbouring houses to check their sheds etc but I just feel so helpless. I love him so much sad

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Moominfan Sun 25-Mar-18 12:23:29

If you've got any scatter litter around. Ask neighbours to check garages ect. Under cars is a good cat hiding place. Put food out and keep calling/walking round.

clairethewitch70 Sun 25-Mar-18 12:38:20

Check all rooms in the house. Have you had the attic open? Ours climbs the ladder. Check garages, sheds. Does he have a cat flap or come in via doors. Put some food near his entry/exit. Hope he comes back soon.

Want2beme Sun 25-Mar-18 19:35:59

Oh no. Hope he comes home to you soonflowers

Moominfan Mon 26-Mar-18 10:12:44

Any update

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